Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pashankai takes the demon throne. Written Episode

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata kaal ratri saying to parvati, mata you should have let me kill him. parvati says devi calm down your anger, I am the mother of all and there is a right time when durgamasura must die, I am giving him another chance to have his life and stop his adharma. kaal ratri calms down and says okay mata. She goes back.
Durgamasura is in his lok and he calls the demon pashankai. Pashankai does not answer the call. Durgamasura says where are you pashankai? Come down, your maharaj has called you. Pashankai jumps down from a huge mountain and says what happened durgamasura? Why have you called me? durgamasura says I am the king of demons and your king as well. Durgamasura says pashankai you have to come and protect my palace from a demon arunasura who is rising now and wants my throne. Pashankai says okay. Durgamasura goes.
Pashankai protects the palace and arunasura comes near the palace invisible and pashankai says who is that invisible demon? Arunasura uses his tongue and eats pashankai killing him. arunasura says now I shall have the throne and become demon king.
Durgamasura goes back to his palace. He sees a green demon sitting on his throne. Durgamasura says is that you arunasura? Arunasura laughs and says durgamasura, it is your new king. Arunasura says all demons and soldiers you shall bow before me now, I am the demon king now. durgamasura says arunasura, how dare you sit on my throne? You want to die? Durgamasura says demons, kill arunasura and throw him out of this palace. All demons run towards arunasura. Arunasura removes his long tongue and he lifts demons and smashes them on ground, they die. Arunasura then uses his powers and throws away demons out of the palace. Demons attack arunasura with their weapons. Arunasura says uses his tongue and chokes them and then he throws poison on the demons, thus killing them. Durgamasura is shocked and angry, he says arunasura enough! Durgamasura attacks a weapon on arunasura. Arunasura says durgamasura, you cannot defeat me because I am more powerful than you, you can either serve me or die. Durgamasura goes to the cave to seek mata’s help. Durgamasura says mata, appear before your son, help me! mata comes and says durgamasura, I cannot help you anymore, your end is near because I am the avatar of mata adishakti and soon adishakti shall kill you. mata goes. Durgamasura says I am strong and I will teach a lesson to that arunasura. Durgamasura goes.
Durgamasura goes and tells arunasura, you fool if you stay here I shall go but that devi will take this throne from you and kill you. arunasura says who is that devi? Durgamasura says that who killed mhaishasura, shumbh and nishumbh and whom the universe knows as devi adishakti. Arunasura says adishakti? Durgamasura says yes, if you have the strength then go and kill that devi at vindhyachal mountain, tell me can you do that? arunasura says yes I have that power to kill her, I will kill her and make you my servant. Durgamasura says okay and thinks, anyway whoever dies I will win.
Parvati says I have to again be the resident of vindhyachal mountain as I shall kill all demons and wipe out evil now.

Precap: Arunasura goes and fights adishakti. Adishakti takes the form of a bee to kill arunasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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