Vikram Betaal 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Hayagreeva and Vishnu’s story Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with betaal telling Vikram that it was a decades-old story. Some pandits are shown doing puja. Betaal says where is a gyan, there are shatru of their gyan. A horse-headed man comes out of the river and stops the pandits’ puja. He tries to kill them and destroy the village. He becomes a man and laughs. He says he came to end the gyan and says he is hayagreeva. Pandits ask why is he doing this. Hayagreeva kills them. Betaal says hayagreeva killed pandits and other pandits leave their drama being scared of him. He says illiteracy was everywhere due to hayagreeva on his mother’s Dhanu’s order. Dhanu tells that her son will make her world as Danav Rajya. He comes to her and tells that he has control on all gyaani etc. She asks him to make Devtas as his Servants. Narad tells the Devi that they have to make him get up. Devi asks him to save them. Vishnu opens his eyes and greets Mata. He says I know your worry. Devi says hayagreeva will go to heaven now. Vishnu says everyone shall get last chance and thinks to talk to him.

Dhanu sees devi and Vishnu coming to their place. Hayagreeva says he will kill them. Dhanu stops him. Vishnu asks him to stop hayagreeva from doing wrong. Dhanu says my son is not doing right. Devi tells Dhanu that even though they are born to same parents. Vishnu says I came to make you leave the wrong path. Hayagreeva tells that he will make Lakshmi as his wife. Vishnu gets angry. Hayagreeva says whenever I meet you, it will be the last day.

Hayagreeva performs infront of an idol of a goddess. He beheads him and takes his hand on his hand. Devi comes infront of him and asks what he wants? He asks her to give him boon to become amar. She says she can’t give him such boon. He asks her to give him boon that nobody can kill him except himself. Devi gives him boon.

Vishnu and hayagreeva fight with each other. Vishnu beheads him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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