Vikram Betaal 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Devi Gayatri creates Vaids to defeat Hayagreeva Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that Shri Vishnu knew that only hayagreeva can kill himself because of the boon given to him by Aadi Devi. He asks why Lakshmi cursed him to get behead. Vishnu tells Lakshmi that he is thinking what to do. Narad comes there and greets them. He asks how to defeat Hayagreeva. Vishnu says Hayagreeva’s end is impossible, but there is one way to stop him and says gyaan. Narad says he has end all gynaani. Lakshmi tells that they have to do sangaar. Vishnu says Devi Gayatri can do. Devi Gayatri comes infront of him and asks why he called her. Vishnu asks her to bring gyan back in the world and says it will be known as vaid. Gayatri says ok. Betaal says Devi Gayatri is called as mata of Vaid as she created 4 vaids and these will be the reason for the curse which Lakshmi gave to Vishnu. He asks him to listen carefully.

Hayagreva’s mother gets angry and tells him that Vishnu is getting the gyans back through Devi Gayatri. Vishnu asks Devi Gayatri to create the vaid and says he is here for her protection. Devi Gayatri sits and says om…Vaid shower down from the sky. She takes golden paper and writes the vaids. Hayagreeva tells that he wants to destroy him, but that day. Devi Gayatri writes the Vaid and keeps in the book. Hayagreeva’s mother tells that if Vaids are created then it will be problematic for them. Hayagreeva tells that he will get the vaids from Gayatri. Gayatri continues writing vaids. She tells that she has put all the gyaan of the world in the 4 vaids.

Hayagreeva is coming there. Gayatri asks Vishnu to protect those Vaids. Hayagreeva comes there and asks him to give the book of Vaid and says he will destroy it. Vishnu asks him to stay away from it and says it will become the reason of your destroyal. Hayagreeva laughs and says you are habitual to give lecture and calls him Das. Vishnu warns him. Hayagreeva asks for the vaids. Vishnu and Hayagreeva fight with each other using their powers. Devi Gayatri is holding Vaids book. Hayageeva says it seems you have become powerless. Vishnu takes out Sudarshan chakra and aims at Hayagreeca. Hayagreeva’s head gets cut, but he becomes fine. Vishu thinks because of Devi Aadhi’s boon, I can’t kill him. Vishnu asks Gayatri to hide the vaid books at safe place. Hayagreeva asks until when he will stop him. Vishnu says until Gayatri hides the vaids. Hayagreeva thinks if she hides then I can’t do anything. He prays to mata Aadi shakti and gets her weapon. He tells Vishnu even tridev can’t fight with this shastra. Vishnu doesn’t want to insult Devi Aadhya and that’s why bear the shastra on his chest and falls down. Hayagreeva laughs. Betaal questions again and says you can get answers now. He says Hayagreeva followed Vaid Mata Gayatri. She sees him and thinks to protect it somehow.

Precap: Hayagreeva gets the vaids and tries to burn it. Lakshmi curses Vishnu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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