Vikram Betaal 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi curses Vishnu Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hayagreeva asking Devi Gayatri to give him all the Vaids. She tells that she is the creator and mother of these Vaids and tells that she will never give him. Hayagreeva tells that he will destroy the Vaids who give Gyaan light to the world. Narad and other Devs see Vishnu unconscious and ask him to get up and open his eyes. Lakshmi comes there and asks what happened to him. Hayagreeva asks Gayatri to give him vaids, but she refuses and tells that until she is alive, she will not go. He tries to kill her with his powers, but soon he sees her missing and thinks she has cheated him. He asks her to come infront of him. He comes infront of Devi Gayatri and tells that he will take all the four vaids from her who is like a son to her. Hayagreeva gets the vaid book. Devi Gayatri says it will destroy and end you if you try to destroy the vaids. Hayagreeva says he is immortal and nobody can kill him.

Lakshmi asks who is that power which can harm him and asks Narad. Narad tells that he is speechless and says I knew that Vishnu was protecting Gayatri. Devs tell her that Hayagreeva must have done this and asks her to revive him. Lakshmi asks Vishnu to open his eyes. Vishnu becomes fine and opens his eyes. He realizes about the Vaids. Betaal tells that Hayagreeva reaches his mother Dhanu with all the vaids. She tells that she is proud of him and asks him to burn it fast. He says ok. He thinks all Devtas will end after it gets destroyed. He tries to burn the vaids, but nothing happens to it. Dhanu comes there and says it is Gyaan and it can’t be destroyed as it is not yet activated.

Narad tells Vishnu that world’s gyaan is with world’s enemy Hayagreeva. Vishnu says Hayagreeva can’t be won by the power, but by Roop. Vishnu tells that all the ladies are different so he doesn’t know which lady to choose who mesmerized him fully. Lakshmi asks him to create a beautiful lady and tells that she can get all the beauty in her and show him. He asks the dharti tatwa to give their qualities. She closes her eyes. She gets all the beauty of the world in her and tells Vishnu. Vishnu smiles.

Hayagreeva is doing puja and creates a boy. Dhanu says you have to create three more vaids and then destroy them. Lakshmi shows her upgraded avatar. Vishnu laughs seeing her red cheeks etc. She asks him not to laugh on her and curses him that her head will be separated from his body. Vishnu smiles. Betaal asks Vikram why did Vishnu make Lakshmi get angry, and says he wanted her to curse him, but why? He asks him to hear the story carefully. He says Hayagreeva and his mother makes the vaids lively and the four boys/vaids tell that they are for human’s betterment. Hayagreeva says I have to kill you all. His mum asks him to kill the four vaids. Lakshmi sees her face in the water and gets shocked. She turns to Vishnu and apologizes. She says I got angry and cursed you. She says I am taking my curse back. Vishnu says the words coming from your mouth will happen. Lakshmi cries and apologizes. He asks her to calm down and says whatever happens in the world is because of me. He tells that he will accept her avatar. He stands infront of her and becomes a woman.

Hayagreeva is about to kill the Vaids. Hayagreeva is about to attack Vishnu, when the latter is sleeping. Vishnu gets beheaded.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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