Vikram Betaal 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Devi Narmada marries an unsuitable man respecting her destiny Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi narmada’s father asking her to go out of Palace and make the garland wear by the first man she sees and says he will see what is in her destiny. Narmada says if this is your decision then I have to obey it. Maharani asks what kind of revenge is this, from your own daughter. Maharaj says I want to see what is in Narmada’s bhagya. A poor man Kameshwar is wandering on the road with his clothes torn and calling Vaishali, says you can’t betray me and knocks on people’s door. Narmada walks on the road. Kameshwar knocks on the door and falls down on Narmada’s feet. He gets up and says you are not my Vaishali. Narmada thinks if he is in my bhagya and thinks I accept him. She makes him wear the garland and chooses him to be her husband. Kameshwar asks what did you do? Narmada says I didn’t do anything and says my bhagya made me marry you. Kameshwar disapproves the marriage and faints. Narmada says she will be with him.

Betaal tells Vikram that if Narmada will make her life better by making the poor and spoilt man better. Narmada cleans her house and talks to God. She says my bhagya and bhakti are my support. Her husband calls her Vaishali and then asks who are you? Narmada says I am your Dharm patni. Kameshwar says I just love Vaishali and asks her to go. He tells that such woman are coming to marry him. Narmada tells him that she is his Dharm patni and will not leave him. Kameshwar says I will kick you out and just then he gets an attack. Narmada cries and asks what happened to you. She goes to call Vaid ji. She comes back home. Kameshwar asks her to leave. She says she will leave after he gets fine and asks Vaid ji to check her husband. Vaid ji checks him and says his body is paralyzed and says he will give him medicine. He says your husband will be treated by your love and care. Narmada says she will spend all her life for his care. Vaid says he will be fine with your love and care.

Maharaj and Maharani come there. Maharaj asks what did you do, I got angry and said that in anger, but you married a characterless and poor man. Narmada says I did whatever is in my destiny. They ask her to come back to Palace and asks her to think about their prestige. Narmada says she will not leave her. Sevak tells that Kameshwar is a gambler, sinner, drinks wine and go to brothel also. Maharaj asks Narmada to come. Narmada says Pati is Parmeshwar and she doesn’t see his bad points. She says she will bring something for them to eat. Maharaj refuses and says if this is your last decision then be with your pati parmeshwar and leave with Maharani. Narmada makes him drink medicine and treats him with her care. Kameshwar stands up and tries to walk.

Kameshwar asks if she can take him to Vaishali. Narmada says yes, surely I will take you to devi Vaishali and takes him out. Betaal says a wife is taking her husband to his lover. He says there was no characterless husband or such dedicated wife exist on the earth. Narmada is taking kameshwar to brothel. People on the road tell that they shall hit him, as he disrespects his own wife and is mad about the pr*stitute Vaishali. They are about to hit him. Narmada stops them and says she is sure to change them due to her karma and bhagya, and apologizes to them. Kameshwar asks Narmada to stop and says this is my Vaishali’s Palace. He gets down from the cart and calls Vaishali. He comes inside the brothel. The men sitting there tell that he is shameless to come again after getting kicked out. Vaishali comes there and asks who is on door. Kameshwar says I came to take you with me and asks her to come. The men in the brothel stops him. Vaishali says she don’t need him now. Kameshwar tells that he has given his everything to her, and asks her to either come with him or let him stay here. The men ask him not to hinder their enjoyment and asks him to go. kameshwar says you want a dancer and says I will give you a dancer. He asks Narmada to dance and says she is my wife. Narmada asks what are you saying? Kameshwar says you have to obey being my wife and says if you dance then they will give my Vaishali to me.

Precap: Narmada is forced to dance in the brothel. Rishi curses Kameshwar. Narmada pleads infront of him to take back the curse. Rishi asks her to go to Mahadev.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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