Vikram Betaal 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi’s curse becomes the reason for Hayagreeva’s end Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hayagreeva telling that he will rule and become Danav Raj. He asks the boys/Vaids to decide who wants to die first. The first boy tells that he was created first and asks him to kill him first. Hayagreeva says this is called gyaani’s foolishness and says I will kill you first. The first Vaid tells that he can’t kill them. Hayagreeva asks who will stop me. The first Vaid tells that his Agyaan will stop him. Hayagreeva is about to kill the first boy, when the woman created with Vishnu and Lakshmi come there and tell that she came to meet the one who rules on three world and tells that all the ladies on the earth are praising him. He asks who are you? She says she is manmohini and tells that she wants to dance with him. He tells that he will kill the boys first. She stops him and says if you kill them then Vishnu will create the gyaan some other way. He says you said right, I can’t end the gyaan, but can control it. He tells that he will marry her. She asks him to close his eyes and goes. He opens his eyes and asks where are you mohini. She comes and says she is here. The vaid boys smile. Manmohini starts dancing. Hayagreeva gets mesmerized by her beauty and dances with him.

Lakshmi comes to the Vaids and take them from there. Dhanu comes there and asks Hayagreeva what is he doing? Hayagreeva says I got my life partner. Dhanu says she is betraying you and says she is not the woman, but Vishnu. Hayagreeva fumes. Lady becomes Vishnu. Betaal tells Vikram that Hayagreeva doesn’t know that that Vishnu can use his anger against him. He says Hayagreeva was not a human, but a Danav Raj. Hayagreeva tells Vishnu that he will kill him. Vishnu asks him to follow him and kill him. He runs. Betaal tells Vikram that Hayagreeva ran for many years following Vishnu and he gets tired. Vishnu appears in his avatar and smiles. Hayagreeva says when I reach you, I will not leave you. Vishnu tells him that when he was following him, the world was lighted with gyaan. Hayagreeva faints and falls down.

Betaal tells Vikram that Hayagreeva was sleeping for many years and Vishnu slept too waiting for Hayagreeva to wake up. Hayagreeva wakes up and wonders how did I come here? Narad tells Brahma that Shri Hari Vishnu went to sleep and Hayagreeva woke up from deep sleep of many years. He thinks if he sees Vishnu then he will not leave him. He sees Vishnu and recalls the happenings. He says I remember everything now. You have ruined my years long hardwork and you have enlightened this world with Vaid’s light. He says once I kill you, this world will fall into Adharm. He runs towards Vishnu. Brahma says there is only one way to wake him up and makes a bee go towards Vishnu. Hayagreeva throws the weapon on Vishny and beheads him. He laughs seeing his head falling down and says nobody can stop me from ending vaids from this world and aims to marry Lakshmi.

Betaal tells Vikram that no Devtas could find out what to do and that’s why they do Avahan of Devi Aadi. Brahma Dev asks Devi Aadi to show the way to kill Hayagreeva and asks her to make Vishnu lively. Devi Aadi tells that only Hayagreeva can kill him and tells that Hayagreeva’s first head was with Devas. Brahma says I understood. Narad puts Hayagreeva’s original head on him. Devi Aadi asks him to go and kill the Adharmi Hayagreeva whom she had given boon. Hayagreeva comes to Lakshmi and asks her about the vaids. She doesn’t tell him and expresses her anger. He tells that once he marries her, then she will tell everything in his love.

Vishnu with Hayagreeva’s head comes there shocking hayagreeva. Devi Ahilya’s story is shown next.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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