Vikram Betaal 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Narmada prays to Mahadev to save Kameshwar’s life Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kameshwar telling that narmada will dance infront of her. Narmada agrees to obey his decision. She dances. Vaishali sits and enjoy the dance. The men in the brothel throw money on Narmada. She falls down. Kameshwar asks Vaishali if she will come with him. Vaishali asks him to look at himself once and asks if you are the same whom I loved once. She says you have no body, no heart and no wealth now. Kameshwar says I still loves you. Vaishali asks the men to kick him out. They throw him out. Narmada tells kameshwar that nobody loves him and asks him to come. The men who watched her dance asks her to let her husband go and asks her to stay back, says they will give her money. Narmada says my husband is handicapped and can’t stay without me. kameshwar says Vaishali left me because of her, and asks them to take her. Rajkumari Chitrasen comes there and saves Narmada. He feels pity on her destiny and says if you had not hit on your destiny then this wouldn’t have happen. Narmada says this is my destiny and tells that she has no complaints with her destiny. Chitrasen says I thought you had said this due to your arrogance, but it was your trust which makes you superior. He says he didn’t see such a selfless and pure woman like her.

Betaal says Kameshwar was sad even after getting such a wife, but narmada was happy and hopeful to change her bhagya with her karma. He asks why Shiv put all the world in trouble to save her husband. While Kameshwar and Narmada are going back, kameshwar insists her to take her back to Vaishali. Narmada says she don’t love you and asks him to think again. Kameshwar holds her neck and makes her fall down from the cart. Narmada faints. Kameshwar runs back to reach Vaishali. Narmada gains consciousness and calls him. Kameshwar collides with Rishi and gets angry on him. Rishi closes his eyes and sees everything. He calls her Adharmi and scolds him for running behind a pr*stitute. Kameshwar asks him to come to Vaishali and says you will forget your Tap. Rishi maandaata curses him to die before sunset the next day. Kameshwar asks him to take back the curse. He then asks Narmada to save him from Rishi’s curse. Narmada says I will not let my Suhaag die.

Narmada comes to Rishi maandata’s Ashram. Men in the Ashram stop her and says women are not allowed here. Narmada asks them to understand her helplessness. Rishi Maandaata come there and says you are Rajkumari Narmada. Narmada says I am just Kameshwar’s wife Narmada. Rishi says I was surprised thinking why did you marry such a characterless man. Narmada says I believe that he is the result of my karma and bhagya and asks him to take back his curse. Rishi says when I gave that curse, kaal was on my tongue and tells that he can’t take it back. Narmada asks him to give some vardaan. He says he can’t give any vardaan and says your husband is a sinner and it is not possible to save him. Narmada says I will give all my punyas to him. Rishi says it is not possible. Narmada asks why can’t I save my husband to save him. Rishi says I don’t have that strength to save him using your Punya. Narmada asks who can save him then? Rishi says only Shiv can protect you. She asks him to show the way to reach there. Rishi says there is only one place to another and asks her to go to amar kanthak and says ardhnageshwar took avatar there. He says if Bholenath wants then he can protect your husband.

Narmada comes to Amar Kanthak ghaati and asks Mahadev to protect her husband. She asks I always prayed to you and asks him to give fruit for her bhakt and protect her husband. She starts dancing. A storm comes near the brothel. She starts dancing. A storm comes near the brothel. Devi Parvati asks Shiv to stop Narmada. Mahadev says Devi narmada is going her wife’s duties, so how can we stop her.

Precap: Mahadev stops the sun from rising and makes the earth in dark. Kameshwar says it seems mahadev listened to your prayers. Brahma dev asks mahadev until when he will keep earth in dark. Mahadev takes the black cloth back and Kameshwar falls down. Narmada shouts swami…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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