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Vikram Betaal 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Ahilya saying she will marry the person whose thoughts matches with hers and whom she likes and finds him to be suitable match. Her mum tries to make her understand. Ahilya says she will talk after puja. Maharani thinks what to do. Maharaj tells that nothing wrong will happen who has done good with others. Maharani says you will not understand. betaal says no man sees many qualities in the woman except her beauty. He tells that Devi Ahilya’s roop/beauty was known to everyone in all the three worlds. Devi Ahilya is dancing. She does puja. Just then a heavy wind comes. Dev Indra comes there. Maharaj asks Maharani what is all this trouble? She says she doesn’t know. Everyone turns to leave, when Dev indra walks towards them. Maharaj says Dev Raj Indra and says Jai. Dev Raj Indra tells Ahilya that she might be thinking what Swarg Raja is doing here. He says you are the reason. Ahilya says you have ruined maa Durga’s puja. Dev Raj indra tells that when he is standing here then why she is doing puja of someone else. Maharaj asks about his purpose of visit.

Dev Raj Indra tells that he wants to marry Devi Ahilya and calls Maharaj as Pita maharaj. Devi Ahilya says you have to take my permission if you want to marry me. Dev Raj Indra says I didn’t know that the rules were changed so much on earth and asks for her permission. Devi Ahilya says marriage happens between the two people who are in love. She reminds him that Devi Sachi is his wife. She says you must not be remembering her and says you loves Apsaras. Dev Raj Indra says this is the quality of a man. Devi Ahilya calls him characterless person and says how can you think I will marry such man. Dev Indra gets angry and says I came to take you and will take you by love or by force. He walks towards her. She asks him to stop and takes out the sword. Dev Raj Indra laughs and says I heard many stories of your courage. He says lets see if you can stop me or not. He makes her sword falls down and laughs, asks how she will face him.

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