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Vikram Betaal 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pingla refusing to accept Vikram and Madan Sena’s alliance and says she is Koshambi’s daughter and they have taken 5 of our village in their custody. She asks Madan Sena to return else they will arrest her. Vikram tells that their enmity will end. Pingla’s husband comes there and appreciates Vikram for choosing love rather than war. He says people will be benefitt3eVikram and Madan Sena touches their feet. Pingla’s husband blesses them. Pingla gets upset. Her husband asks her to make arrangement of engagement, Madan Sena says I haven’t taken permission of marriage from my father. Pingla’s husband tells that he will send the invitation and is sure that he will accept the proposal. Madan Sena says I never thought that I will lose my heart to enemy. Her father comes there and says he thought that she will handle his dynasty. Madan Sena says Vikram will handle his dynasty. Her father asks her not to trust Vikram. Madan Sena says I have loved someone for first and last time. Her father agrees. Vikram hears her and comes to him. He hugs her and tells that he will never break her trust. Madan Sena says I know that love is the big relation and you will be in my love always. They get engaged. Vikram’s brother tells that two rajya’s have united. Vikram gives the credit to Madan Sena and thanks her for agreeing to his proposal. Madan says this historic day credit goes to you. Kalidas tells that their Jodi is best. Acharya says their grah nakshatra is against. Kalidas asks him to take out their marriage mahurat. Acharya selects the date and tells to Maharaj.

Maharaj tells Koshambi’s king that they will take baraat to his door step. Koshambi King tells that they will welcome them. Madan Sena tells Vikram that she will wait for him. Senapati tells Vikram that his friend Martand came to meet him. Acharya prays that everything shall be fine. Martand tells Vikram that Vyajanti is marrying someone else. Vikram says this is wrong. Martand asks him to do something else he has no other option than to die. Vikram promises to bring Vyajanti.

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