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Vikram Betaal 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal asking Vikram why did Rishi Angira curse Kesari Nandan Maruti? And the latter became bajrangbali hanuman. He says this is the time when Kesari and Devi Anjani didn’t have a baby so they prayed for years. Maha Dev gets happy and dances seeing their bhakti. He says I can’t stop myself now. Many Devs come there and say that don’t know what will be the consequences. He tells Brahma dev, what will be the Tej/light coming out from Maha Dev. Brahma Dev says Bhakti tej will come out and it shall be captured by pawan dev. Maha dev continues to dance. Brahma dev says we have to call Pawan Dev. They call Pawan Dev and asks him to get the bhakti Betaal tells that Asur Raj Ravan came to know about his end’s birth, and send his wife’s brother Maayavi to kill Devi Anjani. Kesari and Devi Anjani are still doing puja. Pawan Dev comes infront of her and blesses her to be a mother. She feels stomach in her womb and tells her husband. Mahadev appears infront of VanarRaj Kesari and devi Anjani and blesses them that his 12th avatar will be born to them. He says he will be called as Pawan as Pawan Dev created baby in your womb. Devi Anjani says we are blessed. Mahadev blesses her.

Betaal tells Vikram to concentrate on the answer and asks how did he become sankat mochan chiranjeevi hanuman. He says Ravan sent his wife’s brother Mayavi to kill Devi Anjani. Asur Mayavi attacks Vanar Pradesh. Kesari asks how did Asur attack us. Devi anjani have labour pain. Asur Mayavi tells that he will kill her and her son. Devi Anjani asks God to save his baby. Asur vanishes. Kesari Nandan Hanuman is born and asks Anjani to open her eyes. All devs shower petals on him. Devi Anjani is happy to see her son talking immediately after birth. He says nobody was born as such. Devi anjani searches for maruti. Maruti is shown. His friends come to meet him. Maruti tells that he came to meet them breaking Mata’s order. His friends ask what to do? maruti says you will get Anjan Pradesh mangoes. His friend tells that the gardener is very strict.

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