Vikram Betaal 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Maruti swallows Surya, Dev Indra uses Vajra Shakti to get it out Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kesari Nandan asking Maruti why did he spoil everyone’s fruits. Maruti says my hunger didn’t end even after eating those fruits and asks the gardener if he has any more gardens. Gardener says I will leave. Kesari Nandan tells them that he will pay them with his dynasty wealth and tells Maruti that he shall not do this. Maruti says what to do when I get hungry. His mum takes him out to punish him and asks him to forward his hand. She beats him with a stick. Maruti smiles and says this is your love for me. She says you will understand if this is love or punishment and ties him to a pole. She says you loves food and says until you realize your mistake, you will be tied here. Maruti asks her not to give food, but give him laddoo. She says you will not get water, food or laddoo until one paksha (may be fortnight) Betaal says many days passed. Devi Anjani didn’t leave him. Maruti started feeling hungry.

Pawan Dev comes and says my son is hungry since 2 Diwas and thinks to do something. He comes infront of him. Maruti apologizes and says I can’t greet you as I am tied by my mum. Pawan Dev says I will make arrangements for your food. Maruti says once I go from here, I will make arrangements of my hunger for a paksha. Pawan Dev says as you are like my son, I am blessing you, you can go anywhere and can fly. Maruti thinks he can have golden fruit now. Betaal tells Vikram that Maruti thought sun as golden fruit and asks how did he become sankat mochan chiranjeevi, when he was cursed. He tells that maruti was flying towards the sun. Even Raho was going towards the sun to eat it. He reminds of the question. Maruti flies towards the Sun. Suryadev thinks who is this boy who is not getting affected by my hotness.

Raho stops Maruti and asks who are you and why are you going towards Surya. Maruti says Surya and asks if this fruit’s name is Surya and says it is good that you told me, now I can tell my friends. Raho laughs and says only he has right to have surya. Maruti asks him to move from his way and crosses him asking him to search some other fruit. Raho comes infront of him and warns him. Maruti says I want Surya phal and not warning. Rahu attacks him with his powers. Maruti says your aim is not right. He attacks Raho twice and asks why are you shouting. He flies towards the sun. Raho went to Dev indra with Ketu and says you have betrayed us. They tell him that a boy ruined his boon. Dev Raj Indra asks who was that boy and laughs. Raho says he defeated me and is now going to have sun. Dev Raj Indra says he will see that boy and asks them to come.

Maruti thinks sun is big so how he can eat it and then remind himself of Pawan Dev’s boon and changes his size to large size and then opens his mouth and swallows it. He thinks the fruit is enjoyable and hot like the food Maa used to made. The people get tensed seeing darkness due to the absence of the sun. Dev Indra and others come there and ask him to take out the sun. Maruti refuses. Dev Indra says I have to use my Vajra Shakti. He uses his powers and takes out the sun and laughs. Maruti falls. Betaal tells that all the world would have to bear because of Indra.

Precap: Pawan Dev gets angry and absorbs all the air of the earth to make it lifeless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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