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Vikram Betaal 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pawan Dev coming to Maruti and thinks why he is not opening his eyes. He asks him to see and says your father is right infront of you. Narad comes there. Pawan Dev asks him to see Maruti. Narad tells that Maruti was unconscious after getting Indra Dev’s Wajra shakti. Pawan Dev asks what wrong did Maruti do? Narad says Maruti attacked on his ego and says only Indra Dev can make Maruti fine, if he takes his Wajra Shakti back then maruti will be fine. Pawan Dev says I will talk to indra dev and he has to take the Wajra shakti back. Narad says there is no destroyable power in this world than ego, and I don’t Indra Dev will agree as Maruti hurt his ego.

Devi Anjani tells Kesari Nandan that Maruti is missing and didn’t have food since 2 days. Kesari Nandan says he has sent sainiks to search him. Sainiks tell that he is not found. Anjani gets worried. Kesari Nandan asks her not to worry. Anjani says I know you have Mahadev’s powers and that’s why my responsibilities increases more towards you. She asks where are you, return to your mum.

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