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Vikram Betaal 4th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that Rishi Vishwamitra became brahma rishi to become superior than Rishi Vashisht, and went to Mithla’s Raja…Raja Janak to know who is superior, but Raja Janak were in dilemma and tells that both are superior. Raja Janak tells that he can’t decide who is superior between each other. Rishi Vishwamitra asks who can decide then? Raja Janak asks them to go to Shesh Naag. They go to Shesh naag. Shesh Naag says who holds the earth will be superior. Rishi Vashisht holds the earth on his hands. Rishi Vishwamitra looks on. Betaal tells Vikram that Rishi Vashisht was not an ordinary Rishi and held all the earth on his hands. He says now it was Rishi Vishwamitra’s turn. Even he holds the earth on his hands. Betaal says both of them made the impossible thing possible and this thing goes long. He says after few years, Vishwamitra selflessly became a Samadhi. He starts reading Gayatri Mantra in the Samadhi. Betaal says Gayatri mantra was invented by him by his selfless heart. Devi comes infront of him and gives him a boon that he will be the superior of all humans. Betaal asks Vikram why did Vishwamitra become the superior man of the world and asks him to tell? Vikram tells the Gayatri Mantra and says your answer is hiding in this Gayatri Mantra. He tells that he remembers the God who has invented this world and we reminisces him. Betaal asks but how he became the superior man of the world. Vikram says it is truth that Vishwamitra killed 100 sons of Vashisht son, but he was the one who gave Gayatri Mantra to this world. He says it gives aayu/life and ends evilness. He says on inventing this mantra, he became selfless and got the position of a superior man of the world. Betaal says you spoke due to your ego and I will leave….

Vikram says you can’t go. Betaal says I am with you until you are silent. Vikram says my swear is more big than you. Betaal goes. Vikram asks him to come to front and says I will take you surely. Betaal comes infront of him and tells Shloka and asks him to say who is more superior between Guru and Govind. Vikram says Guru is more superior than Govind. Betaal says I will climbed on your back with my wish and asks him to make him to roam all betaal ghaati. Vikram says I will make you roam all world. Betaal tells him that there is one Guru, whose Guru dakshina is very cruel. He asks why Eklavya gave his thumb when Dronacharya asked for him to give thumb.

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