Vikram Betaal 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Eklavya protests against King and Senapati Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 5th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man coming to Kiraat Raj and tells that some people attacked their basti and he dies. Kiraat Raj thinks Nar Akhet….and is shocked. Senapati tells the people that he will not leave their kids and will aim arrows on them. He says they will become martyr. Eklavya comes and asks him to teach shastra first and says when we learn this, you will not be spared. Senapati tells that he will take him to do Narakhet. Kiraat Raj and his wife apologize to Senapati. Senapati says until my arrow hits you, you are saved. Eklavya asks the boys not to worry and save themselves from the arrows. Senapati asks his men to attack them altogether. All the boys get killed except Eklavya. Senapati says now my arrow will give you shiksha of shashtra. Eklavya comes near the cliff of the mountain and jumps down. Senapati says he will catch Eklavya and is enjoying. They search for him in the jungle and asks his men to search Eklavya. Eklavya is hiding and thinks I will prove that powerful is the one who gets the chance. He is about to take arrow and bow, but Kiraat Raj comes there and takes him from there.

Eklavya’s mum cries and worries for him. His friend tells her that Eklavya is a fish which can’t be caught. Eklavya comes and says Mata. His mum gets happy. Kiraat Raj asks her to make him understand and says he was about to attack them. Eklavya asks if we don’t have the right to say. Kiraat Raj says Maharaj can stop this. His wife asks him to talk to Maharaj. They go to King and tells that they are worried thinking they will die. King says they are not useful to him and is like birds. He says if you want to get saved from Narakhet then don’t come there again else his soldiers will kill them. Betaal says Raja is Bhakshak and Eklavya had realized that they shall fight for their own. He swears to everyone that he will fight and protest, and swears to protect themselves. He says this is Eklavya’s swear. Betaal protested against injustice and supported justice and for that he needed a Guru. He comes to Guru ji and says he wants him to teach him. Guru ji says he is happy to see his courage, but I can’t give you any teaching shows his cut hands. He tells that he can’t give him shiksha.

Eklavya learns yodh kala from Dronachaya just by seeing and thinks it is a chance for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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