Vikram Betaal 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Eklavya learns Dhanodhar Vidya infront of Dronacharya’s statue Written Episode

Vikram Betaal 7th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that Dronacharya was doing injustice to Eklavya just because he was not Shatriya. He says he was standing to his aim just because he wants to learn his teaching and was learning it hiding. Eklavya works in the Guru kul and learns his teaching by just seeing and hearing. He comes to Dronacharya;s room and reads Dhanodhar vidya’s book secretly and thinks this is sufficient for today. While he turns to go, he is caught by Dronacharya. Betaal says Guru gets happy seeing student learning, but Dronacharya got angry and his anger crossed all limits. Dronacharya blames Eklavya for stealing his teaching and says I want to teach you van rights. Eklavya says he is going with the hope that he will change his decision. Dronacharya says you will never learn yudh kala. Betaal tells Vikram that Eklavya didn’t stop and made Dronacharya’s statue in the jungle.

Mohana comes and asks what is he doing? She asks why did he make Dronacharya’s statue. Eklavya says he will practice infront of his statue. He says he has learnt from the most competent Guru. Mohana says you can get learning without Guru. He learns the learning and tells that he has become competent because of her motivation. Eklavya thinks to perform his teaching infront of Dronacharya. Dronacharya tells that all his shishyas have some learnings and asks Arjun to prove that he is Dhanodhar by making way in the river with arrows. Arjun says yes. He fires arrow in the river, but it goes down in the water. Arjun says river flow is much that it is impossible for him to stop the flow. Eklavya fires his arrow and stops the river.

Dronacharya is shocked and says nobody can do this except Arjun. Mohana asks Eklavya to come and they run. Dronacharya thinks he didn’t see such vidya. He asks his shishyas to go and catch the boy. They couldn’t find him. Eklavya fires on the dog’s mouth without harming him. Dog takes them to the place where Dronacharya’s idol is standing. Dronacharya asks who made this idol and asks him to come infront of him. Eklavya comes infront to him.

Precap: Arjun tells Dronacharya that you blessed me to be superior in the Dhanodhar Vidya. Dronacharya asks them to compete.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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