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The Episode starts with Aaliya saying sorry Rohan, I love my Adi, I can’t stay without Adi, he has come back, I m sorry, try to understand, he is my husband. Rohan says he isn’t Adi, don’t you trust Ishita. Karan looks on. Rohan hits Yug. They fight. She asks them to stop. Everyone comes hearing her and stop the fight. Raman says its a house, can’t you behave. Aaliya says its not Adi’s mistake, Rohan had hit him first, he pushed Adi first. Karan says you are blaming Rohan, I thought you love him, this is not done. Ishita asks Rohan to come and talk to them. They go.

Rohan says I understand Aaliya’s situation, Yug is playing with her feelings, we have to expose him. Ishita says I want the same. He asks will he stay with Aaliya till then. Mani says yes, sorry, she is much affected seeing this guy, she only sees Adi, its like she is in a dream, give her some time. Karan says how long will Rohan tolerate, she has rejected my brother. Ishita says trust Aaliya, she will come to you, she cared for you at some point of time. Karan says don’t know when will it happen, Rohan will wait, but I just hope she makes the right choice. He asks Rohan to come. They leave. Karan smiles. Mani says Rohan’s heart broke, I hope this sorts out.

Ishita says I will see that Yug. She goes to Yug and says stop this acting, why are you doing this, why are you creating problems, please stop this. Yug says this is my house, I m a part of this family, you didn’t give me a chance to prove how I got saved. She scolds him. Ruhi comes and says don’t hurt him, leave him, come, he is Adi. They go. Yug smiles and says someone wants me to stay in this house. Ruhi says I will recognize Adi, I know he isn’t Adi. Ishita asks why did you say that. Ruhi says I was fooling him. Raman says don’t involve me in this. He goes. Ruhi says this man is smart, we have to be equally smart, I have a plan to expose him. Mani asks what’s the plan. Ruhi says family was most imp for Adi, I have made this plan to create a fake attack, we are taking baby for check up, the attack will happen on person carrying the baby. Ishita says it can get dangerous for baby. Ruhi says baby will be safe, its a fake attack, everyone will see how this guy flees leaving us in danger, Adi would have saved us, trust me on this. Ishita nods.

Vishal asks how can Ruhi ask you to attack someone. Ranbir says its fake attack. Vishal says you do it then. Ranbir says I feel scared. Ruhi calls him and asks him to be on time and get fake knife to attack. She says I m sure of this plan, Ishimaa get everyone there. She goes to Mihika and says Adi would be coming along for baby’s checkup. Mihika agrees. Karan calls Yug. Yug apologizes for beating Rohan. Karan tells Ruhi’s plan and says Ruhi was acting. Yug asks are you sure, why would anyone risk family member, maybe its some other plan. Karan asks what plan. Yug says they are going to get me attacked outside the clinic, they would get my DNA test done when I get a wound bleeding, baby will also be there. Karan says maybe, it can happen, make sure that no one knows this. Yug assures him. He says Ruhi is acting, I will show who acts best. Karan says Yug has a point, sorry Ruhi, the attack will be real now, my aide will come and take the baby, how will you get Dna test done when baby is not there. Everyone reaches the hospital. Mrs. Bhalla is carrying baby. Ruhi waits for Ranbir. Raman, Ishita, Mani and Mr Bhalla sit in the car and look on. Ishita says its Ruhi’s plan to prove that he is Yug, not Adi. The masked men attack. Aaliya shouts. Yug fights and gets hurt. Raman goes to fight and also gets a cut by the knife. The goons get caught. Mani sends Raman for first aid. Ishita thinks who has sent these goons.

Ranbir and Vishal come. Ranbir says sorry, I got late. Ruhi scolds him. They see Yug and run to him. They worry for Yug’s wound and ask what is he doing here. Ishita says Ranbir thanks, you have come at the right time, Yug has been staying with us and troubled us. Vishal says you didn’t answer our call. Ishita says he has no answers, he has been playing a dirty game with us, he is pretending to be someone else, are you Adi? Tell everyone that he is Yug, not Adi. Aaliya asks what’s happening. Ishita says they are Yug’s childhood friends. Aaliya says Adi never mentioned about them. Ishita says they are Yug’s friends, Yug has been misleading you, he is not our Adi, this is the big proof. Aaliya says you did this to prove he isn’t Adi, it isn’t so difficult, he is our Adi. Mani says we know its difficult for you, Ishita wants to explain you he isn’t Adi. Sh asks can’t you see me happy, for me, he is my Adi, he is back from the dead.

Ishita says tell her the truth, you are Yug. Yug says I m Adi, my wife believes me, that is all I need. Raman and Ishita argue. She asks why doesn’t Aaliya understand. He asks why are you after them, leave them alone. She says you have lost it, she is my daughter, I m concerned for her. He says no need to call Aaliya, she won’t take your call.

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