Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Yug cheats Bhallas Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Yug promising that he won’t go anywhere. Aaliya says look how much he loves his sisters. Ishita says he is an imposter. She scolds Yug. Pihu says he is my brother Adi. Ishita says he isn’t your brother. She takes Yug out and asks him to get out of the house. Yug says Ishimaa… She says don’t dare, I gave this right to my son. He says you don’t want to believe how did I survive. She raises hand. Aaliya stops her and says I have forgiven you before, now you won’t hurt Adi. Ishita asks why can’t you see, he isn’t our Adi, he is Yug, I know him. Shagun says its true. Yug faints. They all worry. Raman takes Ishita with him.

Sudha gets the papers. Karan says I have trained Yug well, I showed him pics, if he gets stuck, we will tell that he has partial memory loss, he is crazy for Aaliya, he will win everyone’s heart. She says I just hope Rohan gets saved from Aaliya’s clutches and moves on. She asks Rohan to come with her. He refuses. She says Aaliya said she won’t come with us. Bala says Aaliya is not in right frame of mind, when we saw Yug, our emotions revived for Adi, try to understand Aaliya, give her some time and space. Rohan says she is my wife, I love her, none can make her away. Bala says I understand your situation, if you try to force Aaliya, she would say that her first husband is alive and her second marriage is null and void, give her some time. Rohan goes.

Sudha and Karan smile. Ishita says Aaliya will be trapped by that fraud. Shagun says she is right. Raman says I have prayed that Adi comes back, I know he isn’t Adi, but give me some time, I will explain Aaliya that he is Yug, not Adi. Rohan, Sudha and Karan come. Rohan says I m going, I thought I would take Aaliya with me but… Ishita says give me some time, I will explain Aaliya, you are her husband, she will go with you. He says I can wait for her my entire life. She thanks him. Raman asks Rohan to listen. They leave. Sudha says sorry, your plan flopped, Aaliya isn’t coming with us, this postnup agreement isn’t needed. Ishita says Aaliya will go to Rohan.

Sudha says Adi has come back for Aaliya, she will never come to Rohan. She tears the papers. Shagun says I feel bad for Rohan, he loves Aaliya a lot. Raman says I also feel bad. Ishita says Sudha has torn the agreement. He says its fine, until Adi’s matter gets solved, until Aaliya recovers… She shouts he isn’t Adi, he is Yug, I meant to save you all, if I had told you earlier, I helped Sudha, why didn’t I think of this before, Ranbir can tell us Rohan’s identity. Sudha says thank God you both came back home. She asks Rohan to forget Aaliya, Adi is back, leave her as bad dream. Rohan says please, I love her, don’t discourage me, you won’t know true love. Karan says he is right, its difficult for him to handle this. He takes Sudha. Ishita says its possible that Ranbir can prove Yug’s identity. Shagun says yes, call them here. Ishita calls Rohan and asks him for Ranbir’s number. She says Ranbir will tell everyone about Yug. Rohan says you are right, I will send you the number.

Karan messages Yug. Ranbir says Yug has messaged me, he said we have to tell everyone that he is out of town. He gets Ishita’s call. She asks for Yugm its imp for us to know, Aaliya is in bad state. He says Yug doesn’t know any Aaliya, he has gone to Rajasthan for official work. She asks why are you lying. He says why will I lie. She says all of you are involved, I won’t spare you. She says Yug is here, they are lying. Raman says we know he is not Adi, why are you so eager to prove this. Rohan waits for Ishita’s call. Raman answers and says Ranbir said he doesn’t have Yug’s pics and Yug is out of town. Rohan gets upset. Ranbir and Vishal get worried. Karan says I sent a message to Yug to inform his friend. Ishita says Adi is not with us, how can he come back. Raman says I know, he is not my son, but he resembles Adi, why are you proving this wrong. Shagun says we will talk about this tomorrow. Ishita says Yug is in Aaliya’s room, they shouldn’t share a room.

Yug scolds Rohan. Aaliya looks on. Karan smiles. Yug says I m Aaliya’s husband, I m alive.

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