Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Yug spots Aaliya again Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishal and Ranbir complaining to Yug. He asks them to have fresh lime soda if they have upset stomach. He calls out waiter. He imagines Aaliya and smiles. He holds her hand. Ek ladki ko dekha….plays… Everyone laughs seeing him holding waiter’s hand. Vishal and Ranbir stop him. They scold him and ask them to come, its so humiliating. They take Yug.

Sudha asks inspector to leave Rohan. He says you got bail papers, but Rohan doesn’t want to come out. She says I have the right to meet him. He says we can’t force him. Sudha shouts Rohan, please come out. He says don’t create a scene hre. Karan says Rohan will come out, you come with me. She says get Rohan out, he got the bail. Raman and Ishita come. Raman says Rohan doesn’t need any bail, inspector will get call of minister’s PA. Inspector gets the call and says Rohan is free now, the case is withdrawn. Karan says how did they convince the minister. Rohan comes. Sudha and Karan get glad to see him. Rohan goes and thanks Raman and Ishita. He says I was sure you will get me out. She says we know you didn’t do this. Sudha says lets’ go home. Rohan asks shall we leave Ishimaa. She says yes. Karan stops him and scolds him. Inspector asks them to go out and do the drama. Sudha says don’t leave me. Rohan says I won’t come home.

Karan asks how can you hate mom so much, you used to love her a lot, what’s wrong. Rohan asks do you even know what did she do, she has mixed drugs in Raman’s sweets. Karan asks is this true mom. Rohan says you know it, so stop acting. Karan says I didn’t know, how could you mom. She says I did this to get him home. Karan says stop it, enough, you lied to me and did this with Rohan, you framed him and ruined his life, I m fed up now, Rohan’s life would have been ruined, you are a disgrace on motherhood. He says I want to come with you Rohan. Sudha says don’t do this. Karan says I don’t want to stay with you. She asks what. He apologizes to Raman and Ishita and asks them to accept him like Rohan.

Raman agrees. Aaliya gets a call and gets happy. She says Rohan is released, Raman and Ishita are taking him home, we shall take his favorite snacks, sorry, I m talking like a stupid girl. Shagun says no, you worry for him a lot, come. Ranbir says I can’t have more Idlis. Vishal says even I can’t eat more. Yug asks waiter to pack the food. Aaliya says we will get some Idlis packed, I heard him telling Amma that he wants to eat Idlis. Yug sees her at counter. He says thank God, I knew I will get you. He asks them to see her. She goes. They ask where is she. She goes and calls Shagun to ask about getting food for Pihu. She comes back. Yug says I m seeing her again. Vishal asks whom are you staring at now. Yug says no one. Vishal and Ranbir see her and says she is the one, she is really pretty, nice choice. Yug says she is very beautiful, you are making fun of me right. Ranbir says no, she is the one. Yug says swear on me. They say yes, go and meet her. Yug turns shy. Aaliya gets the parcel and leaves. He misses to stop her.

Karan says I m here because of you, I want to stay away from you. Sudha gets sad. Shagun says Yug had come here. Ishita asks why. Yug says I want to say sorry to Shagun. Karan says I can stay here and give you info. Sudha cries and says I love you. Ruhi sees them and says my doubt was right, they are making some new plan.

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