Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Yug reaches Mani’s house Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla and everyone discussing about Sudha. Karan says I didn’t know mom has done this. Rohan asks Appa can Karan stay with them. Appa says sure. Sudha comes there and asks Rohan and Karan why are they behaving like this. They ask her to just leave. Karan asks her to go, he is here because of her, since he doesn’t want to be with her. Sudha gets shocked. Yug says I have missed her. Ranbir says you can get her, I have read the car number and memorized too. Yug says you are genius, we will go and find out the car owner. Vishal says we will go tomorrow. Yug says I know an agent, he will find out. They agree.

Karan comes to Sudha. She asks why are you doing this, I have told you everything about my plan. Ishita says Raman, we got Karan and didn’t ask Ruhi, she maybe feeling bad. Ruhi comes and says it doesn’t matter to me where karan stays, I don’t care for his presence, relax, I m okay. She says Aaliya had to order icecream. Ishita says I forgot my purse in my car. Ruhi goes to get it. Ishita says I m worried for Ruhi. Raman says she will be fine. Ruhi says I know Karan won’t change, he is doing this to take Rohan back, he can’t fool me, I will bring his truth out. Karan says this was a drama, mom I m doing this for you, I knew it that Rohan won’t come home, I thought to come here, I can give you info, I will get Rohan home. Ruhi sees them. Sudha says I love you and cries. Ruhi says they are making some new plan. Karan sees Ruhi in mirror and starts shouting on Sudha. Sudha asks what happened to you. He signs her to see Ruhi. She says I can’t live without you. He asks her to leave. She slaps him and says fine stay with them and suffer. She leaves. Ruhi looks on. He thinks to stay careful, Ruhi can become his support.

Yug asks Sinha about the car owner info. Sinha says it will need time, what’s the matter. Yug says its matter of love. Vishal says Ranbir lost a job, he has got a driver’s job, Ranbir lost the address. Yug said you are a good man and you will help me. Yug says Sinha will help us. Sinha says sure, here is the car owner name and number. Yug thanks him. He reads Mr. Subramanium. He says we are on right track, we will go right away, I can’t wait, come.

Shagun asks about the special food ordered. Aaliya says Rohan helped us a lot, I can do this for him. Ishita says he deserves this. Aaliya says I have to show my gratitude to him. Shagun and Ishita joke. They laugh. Raman comes and asks what’s going on, you guys are trying to become cupid, you are forcing Aaliya to like Rohan. Shagun says relax, we are just teasing her. Ishita says Rohan has changed, we can trust him, he likes Aaliya, we support him. Everyone comes to have dinner. Rohan likes the food and says I remember the restaurant where I get such chicken. Shagun says its from same place. He thanks them. Aaliya says I had ordered icecream, it didn’t get delivered. Shagun says I shall leave now. Ishita says Raman will get icecream.

They tell their fav flavors. Yug says Abhimanyu Raghav Subramanium, he is Shagun’s husband, I remember, we have to find their connection with my queen. They hide seeing a car. Yug says I will ask Shagun. He jumps shouting Shagun ji… its me Yug. She says you scared me. Raman and Ishita come. Yug hides. Ishita asks what happened. Shagun says I got scared seeing a cat. Ishita says we will stay with her until Mani comes. Shagun says no, I will go. Ishita says we got icecream for you, go now. Raman jokes. Yug says I will say sorry to Shagun. Vishal says don’t go today. Ishita calls Shagun and asks why was she scared. Shagun says Yug had come there, I got startled and then he went, he didn’t call me, I will talk to you later. Raman asks Ishita to sleep. Ishita thinks to talk to Yug. Its morning, Ishita calls Yug and doesn’t connect. Raman comes and asks what happened. She makes a story of new initiative to support poor people. She says I thought I will talk to Shagun. Raman asks her to say truth, tell before kidnapping next time, it hurts. He says don’t involve Rohan in this, you like uniting people. She says no, we will let them decide, go office now.

Karan says I won’t tell you my plan right no. Aaliya drives the car. Yug falls off his scooty. Ishita asks Aaliya to see the guy.

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