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The Episode starts with Ruhi says its not dad, don’t worry. Ishita gets scared and screams. Ruhi and Aaliya check the body and say its not dad, its someone else. Ishita calms down and hugs Ruhi. Aaliya says nothing has happened to Raman. Ishita says we have to find your dad, its not the time to cry. She asks inspector to find Raman. Yug asks Rohan to go, he is here. Rohan says I will not go until I find Raman, Ishita needs me, after all, they are my family. Ishita, Ruhi and Aaliya come. Rohan asks what happened. Ishita says he wasn’t Raman. Inspector says we will soon find Raman, I have also informed nearly police stations. Ruhi says I think you should take some rest. Adi says I think we need to find dad. Aaliya says yes, he is right. Ishita says we should go to accident spot, I can’t go home, I have to go there. Rohan says we will find him separately. Yug says fine, Aaliya and I will go to the other side. Rohan asks who told you that Aaliya will go with you. Yug says she wants to come with me, ask her. Aaliya says yes, I will go with Adi. They hold hands and leave.

Karan asks what, thank God it was not Raman’s body, he is our relative. Rohan says yes, I think I should be there, I will go and check all the nursing homes, you call all the ambulances and try to find if they took some patient from ring road. Karan agrees. Rohan goes. Karan says I hope they find Raman else I will be in trouble. Police tries to find Raman. Ishita says let me go, its my husband’s car, he met with an accident. Ruhi stops her. Ishita sees a boy and goes to him. She shouts and asks where is Raman, why are you running away, tell me, its Raman’s bracelet. Ruhi asks the boy. The boy says he is there. Ruhi says take us there. Aaliya asks Rohan did he know something. Rohan says no. Aaliya says something happens because of me all the time.

She goes to call Ruhi. Rohan and Yug argue. Rohan asks him to stay away from Aaliya. He says I love Aaliya a lot, I will ruin your life if you do anything. Yug says I love Aaliya, I will not leave from her life, I m her Adi. Aaliya comes and scolds both of them. She says if both of you care for me, than find Raman along with me. Ishita and Ruhi see Raman hurt and worry. Ruhi says we will take him to hospital. Ishita says I think its internal injury. Ruhi goes out to make a call. She doesn’t get network. She says I will go and get an ambulance. The lady says we were sitting here and heard a sound, we went out and saw the accident, we got him from the car. Ishita says thanks, can you get me some cloth and haldi. She does some aid to Raman and ties the bandage. She says his condition isn’t stable. Ruhi says I have informed Aaliya, Rohan and police as well, nothing will happen to him. Karan says Rohan said they are waiting for ambulance.

Sudha says thank God he is alive, we will reach him with our doctors, we have to show some concern so that they don’t doubt you, I m doing all this to protect you, understand. Ishita says please open eyes, we all are here. Raman gets up and sees them. Yug says I told you nothing will happen to dad, he is the strongest. Sudha and Karan get the doctors. Ishita asks what are you doing here. Sudha says I have got the ambulance to shift Raman to hospital, he needs medical attention. Ishita and Raman refuse to take her help. Raman says I want to go home. Rohan says I know but dad needs medical treatment. Yug says we shall go home first. Sudha says fine, I just wanted to help. She goes. Ishita asks the kid to keep Raman’s bracelet, its a gift for him. They get Raman home. Ishita says he will be fine, go and take rest. She sends them. Rohan and Yug argue again.

Yug asks Rohan to leave. Ishita asks Rohan to stay back, she will be assured. Bala asks Ishita to go to Raman, he will take care of this. She goes to Raman. She says I won’t spare the person who tampered the car brakes. Raman asks her not to get so angry. He jokes. He says we will find that man. She says we will not spare him. Its morning, Yug comes to Aaliya and asks shall we make breakfast for Raman and Ishita. Aaliya agrees. Rohan says so the breakfast is ready. Mihika says its perfect. Aaliya says so you guys made it already. Rohan says we made healthy breakfast, I understand, Yug won’t know when Raman and Ishita wake up, its okay Aaliya, I m here for you, everything is under control. Mihika says Rohan, tell Ishita that inspector is coming to take her statement. Rohan goes. Yug asks why does he interfere always. Aaliya says its okay, you don’t have to prove anything, how much you love Raman and Ishita,

Yug says I m not Yug, I m Adi. Ishita says I have sent Aaliya with Mihika, we know you are Yug, go with your friends. He says I m not going to say this again.

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