Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik is afraid for Naira Written Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik thinking of Kirti and crying. Naksh says I was one year old, when dad met with an accident and went in coma, I have passed a big phase of childhood without him, everyone behaved normal but I knew the reality, I m getting all those memories back, Lord has already done this with me, why again, the most beautiful days of my life are ruined by him, why my happiness is snatched away from me, why. Kartik hugs him and consoles. Manish says I wish I agreed to mum and stopped you from going, why did I let you go. He goes to Akhilesh.

They hug and cry. Mohit asks him to keep courage. Akhilesh asks why did this happen with Kirti, its big injustice, why does Lord do this with good people, he could have taken away our happiness, why did this happen with her in this state. Naira calls Kartik and says I m planning birthday surprise for Kirti, there is one problem, you have to arrange her fav flowers. He says done. She says I will ask Naksh to bake the cake for his wife. She asks where are you, I just heard the word doctor, are you in hospital. He says yes, I came to meet your doctor and take an appointment. She asks why did you go there, he said he will come home to check me, why do you take much tension, leave it, I don’t want to fight, come home fast. He thinks we went together and came back separately. Bhabhimaa says I won’t be able to see Kirti, you should go inside and see how is Kirti.

Devyaani cries seeing Kirti. She says our Kirti isn’t fine. They see Kirti and cry. Dadi calls Devyaani. Devyaani answers the video call. Dadi sees Kirti and cries. Naira hears her cry and comes to ask what happened. She calls out Suwarna and Surekha. Suwarna says maybe she is crying as she was much worried. Naira says now we have come, why is she crying now. Surekha says maybe out of happiness. Naira thinks why do I feel like they are hiding something, maybe I m thinking much. Doctor calls her. She says sorry Kartik had come there. Doctor says I didn’t see him, sorry, he isn’t here. She goes. Lav and Kush show the game list. She hears the accident news and mutes the tv, Naksh and Kirti are seen on the tv screen. Naira turns away. Dadi and Suwarna come to hospital. Dadi says we will make a quick visit before Naira knows. She asks Manish how is Kirti. Doctor comes and says Kirti’s state is still same, there is no complication, her baby is fine.

Akhilesh asks are you sure. Doctor says yes, its possible. Dadi says don’t know if we should be happy for baby or be sad for Kirti. Doctor says seniors are still discussing, its better if I don’t say anything. He goes. Naira calls Kartik. Naksh asks does Naira know. Kartik signs no. Naksh says then go to her, Kirti’s state is not in our control, but nothing should happen to Naira. Manish says he is right, Naira can doubt. Suwarna says she is planning Kirti’s birthday surprise there. Kartik thinks you have always scared me in childhood by pretending, and then you gave me double happiness, just get up and say its a prank, please Kirti. Kartik comes home. Naira asks what happened, everyone is hiding something, tell me. He says nothing. She says swear on the baby.

He says Naksh and Kirti have met with an accident. She asks are they fine, when and where. He says at the same time and place where we had met with the accident, Naksh is fine but Kirti is in coma. She gets shocked and shouts no. She falls back. He shouts no… His dream ends. She asks what happened, why did you shout. He says Naira, you are drinking this juice. She asks what happened, are you unwell. He says no, everything is fine, I will change and come. She asks is this red mark, is this blood on your clothes, are you hurt, tell me. Surekha says nothing such happened, walls are getting painted red, even my dress got red stains, I also changed just now. Naira thinks aren’t they behaving strange. She stops Kartik and keeps his hand on her tummy. She asks him to feel baby, the baby is kick boxing today, don’t know why is he so excited, or maybe scared, but everything is fine, why will he be scared, is everything fine? He nods.

Naira sees the parking bill and says Kartik said he has gone to meet my gynac, why did he lie. She comes to the hospital.

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