Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Family prays for Kirti Written Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik hugging Naira and going to his room. She thinks even he is hiding something. She gets a parking slip and says he told he went to meet my gynac, what is he hiding from me and why. She goes to him. She asks who is in the hospital. He says no one, why did you feel so. She shows the parking slip. She asks why did you go there. He says for Kirti. She asks why, what happened to her. He says Naksh told me to get injections for her, he named you right, 007, you always get spying. He asks her to eat laddoo. He says have it, some laddoos are left. She says I m having intuitions that Kirti’s baby is coming. He says just pray that Kirti returns home with her baby. She asks where is she. He says I mean she comes to our house.

She says I will get her home after delivery. He says we are there to take care of her. He thinks sorry Naira, I can’t let you go there. He says its her birthday. She says it will be a memorable one for her and everyone. Naksh sings happy birthday to you and walks to Kirti. He cries. Everyone cries seeing them. Suwarna says Naira is calling Kirti. Everyone says Naira shouldn’t know this. Kartik says maybe she slept. Suwarna says I will send Kirti’s voice message to her, which Kirti has sent me before. Naira says Kirti has sent a voice message. She replies to her and says Naksh is boring, he slept so soon, maybe he wants to surprise her, we will also surprise Kirti.

Kartik asks her to sleep. Naksh calls the nurse. Nurse asks everyone to get back and runs to call doctor. Doctor comes to check Kirti. He asks Naksh to stay outside. Everyone asks what happened to Kirti. Kartik thinks Kirti is unwell and I m here, what will I tell Naira. Dadi calls Guru ji and says you would be knowing about Kirti, show me some way. She asks Markesh, and cries. She says Kirti’s Kundli is showing signs of Markesh. Naksh asks what’s this. Bhabhimaa says when person’s life is in danger. Manish greets Guru ji and says show us some solution, we will do anything to save Kirti. He says Guru ji said he will do the needful. Akhilesh asks is situation out of control. Manish says he didn’t say a word. Dadi cries.

Kartik gets up and talks to baby. He asks baby to take care of mum and pray for Kirti’s baby too. He says Naira, I told the baby, he won’t trouble you now. He goes. Nairat talks in sleep. She says I asked you not to go. Pandit asks everyone to keep patience until they complete the jaap/prayers. Manish says we will extend it if needed. Dadi says we can try. Naira dreams and sees the white curtains and person lying dead. She wakes up and looks around for Kartik. Kartik asks Naksh to be strong. Manish and everyone are in puja. Naira asks servant where is everyone. He says just Surekha is at home. Kartik sees Naksh’s wound and asks him why did he not say this before. He asks him to get treated. Naksh says promise me you won’t go anywhere. Kartik says Kirti is my sister, I won’t leave her, go and get treated. Manish and everyone are in puja. Kartik talks to doctor and runs. Doctor treats Naksh. Naira says no one is answering or messaging, what happened that Kartik left me like this. Surekha comes to her. Naira asks her to say the truth, what’s happening. Surekha says I woke up just now, even I don’t know. Naira says you are lying, swear on kids and tell me. Surekha says no, wait, I will tell you everything.

Kartik talks to nurse. Naira comes to the hospital. Kartik goes. Naira stops and turns to see someone.

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