Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik’s unexpected move Written Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing Naira and Kirti. Everyone comes to hospital. Guard stops them and asks them to talk to security officer first. They all get ahead and call Kartik. Naira sees Kartik getting the baby. O palan haare….plays…. She takes the baby in arms and gets smiling. She asks is this our baby. He says yes. She says his eyes are like the Goenkas, right. He nods. Naksh gets up and says Kirti… Ward boy asks him to rest. Naksh says I m fine, let me go. Naira kisses the baby. Everyone comes there and sees the baby. They smile. Kartik leaves from there and cries seeing Kirti’s baby tag. Nurse comes to him. He gives the tag to her. She says you have done right, that baby needs a mum, like your wife needs a baby, if she is told that her baby has passed away, she can get unwell. Naira asks where is Suwarna. Surekha says she has gone to temple to pray for your and Kirti’s babies. Naira asks how is Kirti, did she deliver the baby.

Naksh asks Kartik has the baby come, where is Kirti, did she regain consciousness, where is my baby. Nurse says your baby is no more. Naksh gets shocked. He shouts no, this can’t happen. Everyone hears Naksh crying and rush out to see him. Naira says go and check him, what happened. Everyone asks what happened. Naksh says nurse told me that my baby is no more. They all get shocked and cry.

Naksh says what will I tell Kirti when gets up and asks me. Surekha says I was wondering why Kartik looks worried. Naira says I understand it now why he wasn’t looking happy. They cry. Doctor says I know its mixed feeling with happiness and sorrow, Naira is fine, you can take her time, my suggestion is you should take Kirti home too. Bhabhimaa says this happened with Naitik’s time also, Akshara took care of him. Naksh says I will take care of her like mum took care of dad. Akhilesh says no doctor, keep Kirti here, she will get best rest. Everyone asks Kartik to come home with them. He asks them to go, he is fine over here. He sees Dadi talking to the nurse. Dadi asks her to accept money. Nurse says maybe some day else, when Kirti regains consciousness.

Kartik comes to Naira. She says I was looking for you since long, are you angry, sorry, I m not complaining, I was worried, sorry to know about Kirti’s baby. She cries and says this time it happened again with Kirti, why did Lord do this. He cries and holds her. Nurse calls him out. Naira says baby is crying a lot, take him. He takes baby and goes. She says this baby is going to be the baby of entire family. He tries to pacify baby. He goes to Kirti and makes baby beside her. Baby gets quiet. Kartik gets surprise and looks at baby and Kirti.

He cries and says sorry, you know I m not a bad person and bad brother, I did this for betterment of Naira and everyone, I won’t do injustice with you, you will get your child back when you get conscious, I will handle Naira, lets accept this lie as truth, how shall I tell truth to Naira that her baby…. let some time pass, you will get fine till then, you will get your child, I promise I will make everything fine. Dadi says its sixth day of Kartik’s baby coming. Surekha says Naira is coming home with her son today, I wish Kirti… Dadi cries. Surekha says sorry.

Manish says Naira is coming home with biggest happiness, and Kirti… Dadi says we are grief stricken, we want to be happy. Manish says we should hide sorrow for Naira and baby’s sake. Lav and Kush say Naira has come with the baby. Everyone goes out to welcome Naira. They smile seeing the baby. Dadi does tilak to Kartik and Naira. She does the aarti. Naira steps in. She asks Manish to remember what he said, he will be the first one to hold the baby in arms. Kartik drops bag in tension. Manish takes baby in arms. Dadi says forgive us Naira, we couldn’t welcome you the way it should be. Naira says I understand the situation. Dadi says you are sensible and hugs her. Lav and Kush see the baby smiling and find him cute. Naira thinks just baby can bring our smiles back, baby keep smiling. She says I was missing Naksh and Kirti a lot, I wish they were here with us. Kartik says give some time to them. Naira says I m sure Kirti will recover soon seeing baby, we will pray for her, baby will love her as his mum. He nods. Bhabhima sees a big gift and asks what’s this. Devyaani opens the wrap and sees the baby cradle. They cry. Devyaani says its ordered by Kirti and Naksh. Naksh comes there and sees the cradle. He says Kirti had ordered this, its all pointless now, cradle is empty. Bhabhimaa says send it back, Kirti will be sad seeing this. He says no, we won’t return it.

Akhilesh says Naksh has sent this cradle, Kirti and he got their names carved on it. Dadi says we should ask Naira also, she may not like that Kirti got this cradle for her. Naira asks what’s wrong, why will I feel bad, I will be glad that it was Kirti’s love in it. Varsha told this to me, Naksh also got Ananya’s cradle, so its a tradition, right Kartik. She says we have no problem, if Kartik is okay with this…. Kartik signs no. She puts baby in cradle. Baby cries. They ask Naira to change baby nappy. Naira says I don’t know. Lav says we know it, we have seen online videos. Surekha says puja is in evening, go and make baby sleep.

Kartik and Naira go with baby. Surekha says Naira should take rest, a nurse will look after her and teach her baby car, we should hire a nurse. Dadi agrees. Kartik asks Naira to come in. Naira asks him to give special treatment to baby. He lifts Naira and takes her in. She asks him to take selfie with baby. He clicks selfie. She kisses him and says everything will get fine, have faith. He says I don’t know what’s right and wrong, maybe it will get fixed in the future, you don’t take tension, just relax, so that you get strong soon. She says we will make baby pray for Kirti for speedy recovery, it will be tough for Kirti to bear this pain, I felt this terrible feeling, we will pray that Kirti gets another baby soon. Naksh talks to Kirti. Bhabhimaa and devyaani look on.

Naksh says mum used to look after dad, she used to say that dad understands her by love, I m sure my words are reaching you, get up soon, I m missing you a lot. He asks her to come back soon. Bhabhimaa says you have to attend your nephew’s function. She asks Naksh to tell Kirti. Devyaani asks Naksh will he come. Bhabhimaa says stay here, we will go and come. Devyaani says it will be unfair with Naira if we don’t go. They leave. Kartik asks Naira not to apply pressure on her waist, there are stitches. She asks him not to worry. He makes her wear mangalsutra. She says baby loves me a lot. He says I will get ready and come. He goes to washroom and cries. He says I have done wrong with everyone, Naira and that little kid, I cheated them. Naira picks Kartik’s clothes. She doesn’t see the fallen tag. He says I m afraid that anyone can know this, what if everything falls apart. She looks for baby’s clothes. The tag sticks to her slipper. She makes baby ready. Kartik comes to her.

Kartik asks nurse why did she come here. He asks her to leave. Naira asks why don’t you want her to be here.

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