Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik to reveal the truth Written Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani saying we will tell truth to Kirti when she gets fine. Dadi and everyone scold her and say its really wrong. Baisa asks didn’t you think what will Kirti go through knowing this. Naksh says we need to accept the truth, Kirti is emotionally and physically weak, but I will take care of her, we won’t snatch Naira’s baby, not even for a moment, I won’t let this happen with my sister. He asks Naira not to worry. He says allow me to handle this situation, I will explain Kirti when I feel she is okay. Naira says we will take care of Kirti. Kartik looks on. Kirti thinks of her accident. She says my baby…. where is my baby….

Its morning, Manish thanks Lord. Akhilesh says Kirti will wake up after medicine effect ends. Everyone prays. Naira says everything will get fine, Kirti will get normal soon. They do the aarti. Kartik asks Krishna ji to tell him what to do. He thinks you want me to tell truth to Kirti. He goes and thinks of Naira’s words. He goes to Kirti and holds her hand. He says I can’t believe it, a miracle happened, we did hope for it but no one was sure that this could happen, actually, your baby…. Kirti asks how did she look like, who did she resemble, me or Naksh, tell me. Everyone looks on. Kirti says you have seen her, tell me, I know, I heard it, the nurse and the doctor were talking, I m still not alert but I can understand, when I asked everyone about baby, no one answered me and went out, but I remember something, it was like a dream. Naksh says all of us decided to not tell you, I m sorry, how do I tell you that this is truth, sorry. Naira says sorry. Kirti says its not your mistake, I already you, I end up losing happiness. Naira says don’t say this. Kirti says I m very lucky that everyone is fine, nothing happened to your baby. Kartik looks on.

Kirti asks what did you name the baby. Naira says Krish. Kirti says I opened my eyes hearing this name. Naksh says I have kept a speaker here, everyone was singing. Naira says Kartik kept the name of your choice, we shall leave now. Baby cries and holds Kirti. Naira takes baby. Dadi asks Kirti to take care. Kirti cries and says my baby, why did Lord do this. Kartik comes back. She turns and acts to be sleeping. He sees her sleeping. He says I love you Kirti and goes. She cries and says I love you too Kartik, I love you all and don’t want you to see my tears, sorry, my fate has affected your happiness too, but not anymore.

Naira asks Leela to make Krish ready. She hears Leela and nurse talking. Nurse says he is premature but he looks like mature babies, his skin color and health. Leela says how would I know it. Nurse goes. Naira asks does premature babies have different color skin. Leela says no, doctor would have told you. Naira says what do I need, its good that baby isn’t weak.

Naira and Kartik make baby sleep. She says he is very naughty. She says Kirti has really got up, I hope sh forgets her pain, she must be feeling much hurt, I can understand her pain, sorry for talking all this, we need to celebrate. He thinks to give her the happiness. He takes her to kitchen. He shows the baby on camera feed. They spend time and romance. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. he hugs her and thinks we will see the situation, I will keep you and baby very happy. After few days, Kartik and Dadi about talking Kirti’s improvement. Dadi says we should go and meet Kirti. Naira says yes. Manish says you all go, we are going office, we will join you there. Naira says good idea. Naksh says sorry, it won’t work since we have come on own. They smile seeing Naksh and Kirti. Everyone hugs Kirti. Surekha asks Kirti what will she have today. Lav and Kush say we will play board game with Kirti. Kirti smiles seeing Krish. Naira gives her Krish in lap. Kirti plays with him. Kartik looks on.

Kirti says there is a voice in my head, as if its Kartik’s voice. Naira asks what does it say. Kirti says forgive me Kirti for whatever I have done.

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