Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik decides to become Shiv Written Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishabh looking at Naksh and Kartik. Naira says I felt as if I saw Sid. Surekha says mum is unwell, still she is preparing for puja. Manish and Akhilesh ask her to have some food or juice. She says I don’t want anything, just go, I have to prepare for puja for Kartik and Naira. Manish says everyone is stubborn. Naira pulls Kartik and says sorry, you can’t get rid of me, tell me, will you become my dance partner, say yes. Kartik says no, sorry. He thinks everyone will be there, how can I dance with you. She asks what’s the matter, fine don’t tell the reason, I have many options, I will tell Rishabh, I guess he is better dancer than you. She goes. He says don’t say this, just I m your partner, Naira, how can I… don’t add up my problems. She goes. They see a procession coming. They stand on either sides and pray. He thinks I can’t stop myself from going to Naira, what shall I do, I have to handle this, I want to be with my Naira.

Rishabh says relax, I can do this. Naksh says of course, you can do it, you are such a good performer. He goes. He calls his dad. His dad asks what’s the problem now, I m your father and lawyer as well, I m your friend too. Rishabh says yes, you remember Naksh, right. His dad says I remember Naira. Rishabh says she got married, its complicated. His dad says excellent, the relation which starts with complications stay sorted, I m your mom’s divorce lawyer. Rishabh says I know you proposed her on the day of final hearing after the verdict. His dad says yes, time, place and situation don’t matter, your intention and interest matters. Rishabh plays music and dances on Ladki beautiful….Naira comes and looks on. He signs her to come. She joins him. Kartik sees the Shivratri video. He gets sad seeing Naira. Naira recalls Kartik. She then recalls Sid and falls down. She thinks how was Sid there in unclear imagination. Rishabh asks are you okay. Naira says no, I m fine. He goes. She says what was this, was I hallucinating, right. He gets water and asks her to take rest, they are in sync and will make a good pair. Kartik says tomorrow, I will do what I have to.

Dadi prepares puja items. Manish, Akhilesh and Surekha ask her not to be adamant and not hurt herself. Dadi says I m doing this for Kartik, Naira and Krish, I will get to be with Krish when everything gets fine. Kartik looks on. Manish goes to Kartik and says we are going to other place, since I don’t want to face their family, I hope you have understood, why I m saying this, else don’t try to use your brain, blindly follow my words, because I don’t want any new trouble. Everyone comes to the temple to pray. Goenkas and Singhanias see each other. Naira greets them and says you are my bhabhi’s Maayka, Naksh has told me, sorry, I didn’t talk much that day, you must be thinking that I m so arrogant. Dadi hugs her. Kartik looks on from far. Dadi says no way, stay happy. Naira thanks her. Naksh takes Naira with him.

He says he shouldn’t be seen around Naira. Surekha says we could have told her that we are her Sasural. I wanted to tell her everything. Manish says no, it could go wrong, its better to be quiet. Dadi looks for Kartik. Akhilesh gets Kartik’s message that he is leaving. Dadi says maybe he left after seeing Naira and family. Manish asks Dadi to control herself. Kartik looks on. Rishabh meets everyone and says we will perform puja soon. Naira asks what’s the problem between your Maayka and us, you didn’t tell me before, am I the problem? Kirti says no, its nothing like that. Devyaani calls Naira. Naira prays and keeps a coin. The coin slips when she goes. Kartik holds it and says I was so confused, Naira and I are meant for each other, she is my wife, I remember if she doesn’t, I m cheating the family, but I can do anything for her happiness, if she wants me to become her Shiv, then I will be.

Kartik comes as Shiv and dances with Naira. He throws sindoor at her.

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