Yeh Teri Galiyan 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ridoy tries to come close to asmita Written Episode

Yeh Teri Galiyan 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nevi gives them honeymoon tickets. Asmita is dazed. Ridoy says I love you amam I am so happy.

Shan takes Asmita to his room and locks it. SHe says what is wrong with you? He says you can’t go with Ridoy? She says why cant I? He holds her hand in tears. Asmita says you are going to be father of Paro’s child. Is that cild your? Shan sits down. Asmita says your silence is the answer. Asmita shoves him and says why did you do this? He says i don’t remember anything. I don’t know what happened. He leaves. Asmita recalls the drugs. Se says Paro did all this.

Shan gets a call from Nevi and says yes mom I am coming. Asmita follows him. Asmita looks at Shan cleaning a decoration. He sees the micorphone behind it. He sees asmita peeking it.
Ridoy calls Asmita and says why is she not picking Nevi says where is she? He says I don’t know. Nevi says this isn’t small. You should know where she is NEvi says doesn’t it all bother you? She is your wife. You have to keep her in control. Take her to honeymoon and make her yours. He says I will do as you say.

Shan pulls Asmita in and says what is all this? Tell me did you put it here? She says yes. Shan says what are you upto? You are spying in house? SHe says yes I put it because I need proofs. She says you have no right to question me.

Khurana says to Asmita why did you tell Shhan you have doubts on Nevi? Asita says he saw micorphone. I told him I have doubts on Nevi. Ridoy hears all this. He says what are you upto? Who are you interested in? Why don’t you love me? Asmita says you need to calm down. He pulls her. Asmita says why do you behvae this way. Ridoyy says why do you run away from me. Asmita says what are you doing.. Asmita says don’t ever misbehave with me like this. Asmita shoves him. He says my mother keeps taunting me because of you. I deserve to know the answer. What’s in your heart. He grasps hher. He says I wont let you go until you answer.

Ridoy comes towards asmita. she falls on bed. Shan wonders what is Asmita doubting on Nevi? He says should I talk to mama? He says btu what if she finds out that Asmita is pucki.. I can’t take that risk. but how do I tell her that mama can’t do anythin wrong. I should talk to her.

Ridoy shoves her on bed. He says you know how it feels. She says I don’t wanna know. asmita says don’t touch me. You are hurting me. Stay away from me.
Precap-Shan says Ridoy why did you do this to Asmita? He says why is it hurting you? What is your relation with her? Shan slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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