Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Extra sweet halwa lands Naina in trouble Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina comes to kitchen. Sameer peeks at her from the dining table. Naina looks at the containers.

Relatives and Mami ji make fun of Naina’s hair. Bela sits there quietly. Poonam tries to go in the kitchen to help Naina but Mami ji does not let her. She is a topper after all. She needs no help. Bela nods worriedly.

Naina starts making halwa.

Anand and Bela give shagun to everyone. Bela tells Anand she is worried about Naina. What if something goes wrong with the halwa? He reassures her it will be fine.

Sameer is certain Naina will make a mistake just like she made with her hair. Munna and Pundit don’t agree with him. What has perming got to do with halwa?

Naina goes outside to ask Mami ji about dry fruits. Bela tastes halwa and realises that Naina hasn’t added sugar. She is about to add it when she heads Mami ji coming there. She tells Naina to add dry fruits in good quantity. She takes her with her to bring crockery.

Sameer too comes in the kitchen and smells halwa. He tastes it as well and finds out there isn’t any sugar in it. This girl has to make some mistake! He is in a fix as to how much sugar to add and adds 2 tablespoons of sugar. He turns and finds Bela at the door. They both lie to each other as to why they came here. Bela adds sugar as per her measurements.

Mami ji tells everyone to get ready to eat Naina’s halwa. Bela praises it beforehand but then covers up when Mami ji asks her suspiciously. Sameer too praises the halwa. Mami ji asks him if he had tasted it. He nods but then covers up saying that he ate it long ago at Naina’s house. Relatives make fun of Sameer. Mami ji calls out to Naina who tells her it will be ready in 5 minutes. I cannot taste it as it is to be offered in Bhog as well. She recalls that she hasn’t added sugar and adds (more) sugar. She thanks God for reminding her on the right time.

Voiceover – Naina:
What happens when 3x sugar is added in a halwa?

Naina and Sameer offer bhog to God. Naina tells him it is his turn after God. Taste it and tell. Her dupatta falls down that very moment and Sameer gets angry.

Voiceover – Naina:
We have heard that one turns angry if hair falls in the food but no one ever got angry by just looking at your hair while eating food. Anger indeed makes things worse. Seeing my hairstyle, Sameer was angry that day but I had to face the worse! I would have realised that the halwa is too tasty if he had tasted it. I wouldn’t have to bear everyone’s bitter words then!

Mami ji asks Naina to serve halwa to everyone. Naina complies. Mama ji is impressed by the fragrance and colour. He takes a bite and stops. Everyone goes quiet the moment they take the first bite. Mami ji is eagerly waiting for everyone’s response but no one is able to say anything. Relatives complain that the halwa is too sweet. Bela, Sameer and Naina think of the amount of sugar they had added. Mami ji asks Naina if she added an entire sack of sugar in it. Mama ji taunts that the end result of patience is actually too sweet. He keeps the bowl down and tells Vishakha she got an exceptional DIL. She does not know how to manage her hair or cook halwa. Don’t know how she will have a house! Mami ji taunts Sameer. This is what love marriage means. Naina gets teary eyed. Sameer was upset till now but now gets concerned for her. Naina made this halwa for me. She very well knows I like extra sweet halwa so she added extra sugar in it for me. I only told her to make it this way. A relative asks him what about her sugar level. Sameer happily eats halwa. Munna and Pundit join their friend.

Voiceover – Naina:
That day I understood that husband and wife might fight with each other but they become a shield for one another when a third person tries to insult either of them. Sameer did the same for me that day. I wrote a shloka that very moment when I saw Sameer eating halwa especially for me.

Sameer finishes the entire bowl and compliments Naina in front of everyone. Anand and Bela look on sweetly. Munna and Pundit compliment Naina too. Sameer feeds a bite to Naina. He whispers to her that he loves her and he cannot see anyone disrespect her. It does not mean that I have forgotten all about your hairstyle.

Preeti teases Naina that Jija ji is very sweet. Naina tells her to be quiet. Bela tells Naina that they never had to hear anything because of her in school or college. I heard so much in one day! Preeti jokes that no one will say anything to her after her marriage then as she has been a bad kid so far. Anand smiles. Bela rues that everyone will blame her and Anand only. Naina pacifies her with a hug. I promise it will never happen again. Anand asks Bela if she dint teach Naina how to make halwa. Bela accepts her mistake. Naina says I also added 3 tablespoons of sugar. Why did you taste it without offering to God? Bela replies that at times a mother also forgets God when it comes to her daughter. Naina hugs her sweetly. Bela and Anand go inside.

Naina tells Preeti she was missing very much. Preeti says I was also missing you very much. Naina jokes that she was missing the swing. I will ask Sameer to get one in our home too. Preeti asks her about her honeymoon plans. Naina is sure it wont happen as Sameer is already not talking to her properly because of this hairstyle. Landline rings. Naina tells Preeti to pick it. He will again scold me for my hair. Preeti tells her to pick it but Naina denies. Preeti shakes her head firmly. Naina stands up in slow motion but Anand picks it before her. It is Sameer only. He hands over the phone to Naina. Naina is about to take the phone when they overhear Tai ji distributing sweets to everyone. She speaks of Juhi and Arjun’s alliance. Anand tells Sameer someone is here. I will ask Naina to call back. Sameer agrees but is sure Naina has made Chacha ji lie too. she thinks it will not make me angry but she is wrong!

Anand and his family watch Tai ji speaking about Juhi and Arjun’s alliance to a neighbour. Rakesh dint find his kind of SIL. We atleast got him a DIL of his choice.

Precap: Bela asks Naina why she took off mangalsutra. Naina says I dint take it off. They start looking for it. Bela scolds her over it. Sameer over hears it and asks Naina if she lost her mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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