Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Troubled times for Vishakha Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer stands quietly Naina starts looking for her mangalsutra. He walks out of the room.

Voiceover – Naina:
I was very angry with Sameer that day. I remembered it well how he came with Medicare when there was lice in my hair but he is all grumpy today. But whenever I think of that day today I laugh instead. I have understood the biggest reality of the world – men will be men!

Sameer enters in the room holding a toy parrot which says sorry. He sits down in front of her. We should have such a parrot in our house too. We would need it right?

Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer was right. This was the learning no. 2 for us after marriage. We might love each other a lot but there will be fights too. This is what will echo in the house. Both of us should have one parrot each as we used to fight with each other a lot since college time.

Sameer makes Naina smile. They have a cute moment with the parrot. The parrot gets stuck in her hair. He gestures that he does not like this hairdo. She says the same.

Anand tells Vishakha that Naina and Sameer are eating food. They will head home soon. Preeti and Bela are still looking for the mangalsutra. They are worried how Naina will go without it. Preeti says she might have kept it somewhere and has forgotten about it. Anand tells them to look again.

Naina tells Sameer that she will forget when she will take it off. The hook must be loose and it has slipped somewhere. Sameer imagines it and realizes where it could be. He stops himself from saying the word and tells her to check inside. She replies that she has checked inside out but it is nowhere. He is having trouble explaining it to her. Look inside you. She tells him not to lecture like some saint. He holds his shirt while telling her to look inside. She ends up peeking inside so he covers himself well. She gets shy realizing what he meant and heads to the bathroom. She finds her mangalsutra in a second and smiles. Sameer waits patiently outside. Naina steps out of the bathroom holding it in her hand. He says I told you it must be inside. She nods but lies that it was next to the washbasin. Sameer smiles. He goes to tell everyone that the mangalsutra has been found.

Bela does Sameer and Naina’s aarti. Anand tells Naina that he has always guided her to the right path. Now this Ramayana will do it. They gift her a Ramayana. Sameer touches their feet. Bela takes Naina aside.

Voiceover – Naina:
Chachi ji tried to explain me about suhagraat her own way but back then I only knew one thing about suhagraat. It was just the song from Kabhi Kabhi movie. It might sound shocking, stupid and weird but this love is of the day when movies used to teach you how to stand around the trees and talk about love. Writing letters; singing sad songs missing someone was love. Suhagraat meant a glass of milk and two roses coming together. I was standing surprised as if someone has asked me an out of syllabus question.

Anand asks Sameer about the flight timings. Preeti tells Naina to click photos when she sits in the plane. It is your first trip after all. Bela gives her something for their well-being. Sameer tells them that they will visit them once they are back from Ooty. Rakesh calls out to Naina just then. Sameer touches his feet. Rakesh blesses him sweetly. Rakesh tells Naina he had to walk out of her wedding midway and couldn’t come for Kanyadaan. I know you wont forgive me ever for this. Naina tells him that his blessings were with them. Rakesh gives her a Krishna idol. Naina is touched. Rakesh tells her to keep it with her always. He will protect you. He jokes with Sameer that this Safari Suit will punish him if he will trouble his daughter. Sameer panics. It isn’t so. Tell Naina to behave. She troubles me always. Everyone smiles. Rakesh touches their heads and blesses them before he goes. Bela reminds Preeti that they missed giving that sweet to Sameer. Sameer says I will burst if I eat anymore. Preeti nods. He ate extra sweet halwa today after all. Everyone smiles. Sameer takes blame for the extra sweet halwa. I went to kitchen to taste the halwa and added sugar as it was bland. Everyone breaks into a smile confusing Sameer. Anand shares that Bela is his partner-in-crime. She holds out 4 fingers hinting at the amount of sugar she added.

Voiceover – Naina:
Sometimes extra sweetness makes things bitter. I thought it to be wrong that day as that extra sweetness was the love added by my Chachi and Sameer for me. A bowl of such sweet halwa is less in front of that sweetness but we Indians are bound to be filmy.

Naina places the Krishna idol in her house temple.

Voiceover – Naina:
It is true that parents are like Gods. When I placed that idol in the temple, I felt as if Papa was standing right in front of me.

Sameer brings Naina in their room.

Voiceover – Naina:
That was the first time when Sameer and I were together in a room for the first time after marriage. We just couldn’t understand from where to begin the conversation.

Sameer asks Naina if she actually found the mangalsutra next to basin or where he had told her to look. She lowers her eyes. He points at the décor. You know what it is today? You wont have to sleep on the floor today. She tries to say something but he stops her. I have been your boyfriend since school and now today I am your husband. I will not hear your no today Mrs. Maheshwari. She requests him not to look at her like this. He says I will always look at you like this only. Please don’t stop me. He inches closer to her.

Sameer and Naina dance on Kaate Nahi Kat-te song. It is their imagination. They hear Bobby and Vishakha arguing. Vishakha is trying to stop him but in vain. The kids will hear you. He tells her to step aside. Your son is not well-cultured anyways. How does it matter? Sameer and Naina come there. Sameer asks them where they are going at this hour. Bobby tells him only he is going. You always complained that I separated you from your mother. You wont complain after today as from today onwards your mother will stay with you only. You both were a family in the wedding. I was alone. Vishakha tells him not to say so. Is Mummy ji, Deepika, Rohan not my family? He denies. You would have cared about me if I was your family You only care about your spoilt son who has insulted me all along. He almost raised his hand on me today! You can stay here happily with your son. You don’t need to come along anymore. She begs him not to separate her from him and the family. Sameer recalls how close his mother is with her family. He requests Bobby to keep his bag down. Bobby says I thought you will snatch it and throw it away! Sameer says you know how much mummy loves and respects you. Bobby tries to walk out but Sameer folds his hands. Please don’t leave her alone. Bobby taunts that you are here. Your wife is also here. It is a happy little family. Sameer requests him not to punish his mother for the mistakes that he has committed. Hit me but don’t leave my mother alone. Bobby tells him that it was your mother who left me alone. Her world starts and ends with you. She forgot that I exist.

Precap: Bobby keeps a condition before Vishakha if she wants to come with him. You will not keep any relation with Sameer after today. Forget about meeting him, you wont even see his face.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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