Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Prayers end the storm Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakesh brings stuff inside. Bela points out that he is completely wet. He complains that no one can see that everything kept outside is also wet. He sends people to bring it in and asks Bela to give him a towel. People will otherwise blame me only. Anand calls the tent guy and is unhappy to know they have no banquet. Phula Baa says so much money was invested in the wedding. The wedding would have been grand if the weather was fine. Bela and Rakesh are also worried about the same.

The situation is similar at Sameer’s house. Vishakha tells Sameer that the preps will be of no use if this weather wont become better. Munna is trying to rent cars and making other preps simultaneously. He cancels the booking for horse. Mama ji remarks that these kids are in a rush to book and cancel everything. Sameer is worried recalling Naina’s question if their dream will come true or not. Pundit reassures Sameer that nothing will go wrong. Bobby taunts them again. Sameer is sad as they have worked so hard to organize this wedding. Vishakha and Sameer’s friends talk positively about it.

A lady remarks that the wedding wont happen. Naina starts crying. Preeti tells her not to cry. The rain will stop. Bela reprimands her for eating everything from the kadhai directly. This is the reason! Rinki asks her if this is the reason. Bela nods. Rinki asks her if everyone eats from kadhai directly in Bombay as it rains often for 3-4 months. Bela gives another similar logic. Phula Bua tells them to stop this discussion. Everyone starts suggesting a way to stop rains.

A lady asks Vishakha if she does not want to gift the bride her clothes. Vishakha says everything is ready but how to go out in this weather. Poor Munna and Pundit have to redo everything. Bobby taunts her. It is as if some prince is going to get married. I was anyways sure that nothing can be right in your son’s wedding. Vishakha thinks to send the clothes with driver. Sameer wants to wait for some time. Bobby mocks him. You have made us agree to your demands by being stubborn but this is rain! Sameer says we have wom

Anand is on call with the caterer and is losing his patience. Rakesh tells him to be calm. Things go out of hand when one is angry. Anand tries to speak calmly but the caterer ends the call. One kid is hungry. Rakesh scolds the guests but Anand goes out to find something for everyone.

Tai ji is still dancing and even pulls her husband for dance. He tells her he is still in his senses. Why are you dancing like a kid? She says even God is on our side. Naina and Anand’s hopes are spoiled by the rain now! She tells the guests that no one can be happy by irking their elders. God punishes everyone for their misdeeds. I will see how they marry now!

Anand and Rakesh serve tea and snacks to guests. Bela says we could only arrange this much in this weather. Phula Bua tells everyone to manage with whatever they have. She is pleased to see the change in Rakesh’s behaviour.

Naina andf Sameer are on call. She says we loved rain so much. He adds that now they hate it. They discuss about their plans for their special day. Everything is messed up now. Don’t know how guests will come now. We don’t know if we will be able to marry or not! I am sorry. I promised to come on a horse. Mummy had to give you your clothes and jewellery but the weather is very bad right now! Can we marry later? I will pacify everyone. She denies. I told you that the wedding will happen on the set date irrespective of whatever happens! It is enough if we are able to marry. I assure you we will make this the most memorable day of our life together! Now I have understood why we were supposed to marry twice. We will marry again when the weather is fine. He calls her mad. She calls herself super mad. He tells her that they will marry at any cost now. They end the call.

Bela is sure Bhabhi ji would have been praying for this. She must be dancing at home. A guest tells Anand to get Naina married in a temple. Rakesh reprimands Anand for sitting quietly. You fought with everyone including me for Naina’s wedding. Can you not fight with God for Naina? Anand asks him how he will fight God. Rakesh reminds him of the day when he had a CA exam. It was raining harder that day. What did you do? Anand recalls doing Sundarkaand Paath.

Pundit says the weather is worsening. What will we do? He notices Sameer tensed. Don’t worry. Munna has booked 5 more cabs. The wedding will happen at any cost! Sameer talks to his Nanu’s photo. Why did you leave me alone? You shouldn’t have gone. The wedding would have happened just like I had wished if you were here! I love you Nanu. I miss you very much. Vishakha feels bad seeing him thus.

Naina’s family sits down for the Paath.

Pundit runs out of the house. Sameer hears the sound of a bell.

Naina keeps looking out of the window worriedly as the paath continues.

Sameer and his friends are surprised to see Vishakha and the entire family praying. They join them too. Clouds keep thundering.

Preeti nods reassuringly at Naina in between.

Both the families are praying diligently.

A guest tells Anand that the rain has stopped. Everyone looks up in relief.

At Sameer’s place, Pundit also shouts the same thing.

Everyone jumps in joy.

Sameer thanks his mother. I love you! Vishakha smiles. Sameer thanks God and his Nanu for listening to him.

Naina smiles in relief.

Precap: Kartik and his friend book the same guy for horse that Munna and Pundit had booked. Naina decides to sport a similar hairstyle that Madhuri had in the movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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