Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Tai ji comes up with new plan Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamya comes. Preeti and Naina ask about Swati. Kamya shares that Swati’s parents took her to some place for her alliance. They liked the guy very much. Preeti asks her why Swati dint tell her parents that she likes Munna. Kamya shrugs. Preeti suggests her not to tell anyone about this for now, especially Munna.

Voiceover – Naina:
It was about those days where you used to fall in love but it wasn’t necessary that you will end up marrying the person you love. Love marriages were very rare those days and so was my marriage with Sameer. I was waiting eagerly for Sameer to come and take me with him.

Mama ji and Mami ji are worried as to where Sameer, Munna and Pundit are. Bobby says Sameer is stubborn. He is not hell bent on a horse. How will it come from nowhere? Vishakha shares that it is his dream. He had promised Naina. Bobby says the groom’s mother is back in form. You only should answer guests now. I am going in my room. Mami ji tells Vishakha to let it be. He will come. We all worry for him. Vishakha nods. I just hope he finds the horse.

Horse vendor tells his friends he has never seen anyone fighting for a horse before. Usually, people fight for a girl but this is very unusal.

Voiceover – Sameer:
He was right. This wouldn’t have happened before 1994 and not even after 1994. Naina and my love story was like some video game. Something or other kept happening.

Sameer tells Munna and Pundit they have to win this game. Kartik is positive they only will win. The match starts. Munna goes first. His friends keep cheering him. Munna gets caught by his opponents and fails to touch the line. The vendor (referee) evicts Munna from the game. Sameer signals Kartik to come. Kartik steps on Pundit’s feet and runs back to his side. Pundit too is out.

Rakesh asks the guests to hurry up. It is time. A guest asks for shoe polish. Rakesh cleans his shoe with the back of his trousers and tells him to do the same. Have you never done it in school? The guest walks away. Rinki is happily putting nail paint. Rakesh keeps telling everyone to hurry up. He asks Bela about Naina who tells Rinki to check on Naina. Rinki is eager to apply nail paint first but Rakesh sends her right away.

It is Sameer’s turn. Spectators are sure Sameer wont be able to do anything alone. Kartik and his friends mock Sameer. Sameer manages to touch Kartik’s cousin and even jumps atop him. They all hold him at once. Sameer struggles to touch the centre point. Sameer thinks of his promise to Naina. He uses all his strength.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I swear! Playing that Kabbaddi match make me feel as if I was some hero out of some famous movie. It was bound to feel this way as this is beyond any other feeling for a lover!

Sameer manages to touch the centre line. His friends clap and jump in joy. They even taunt Kartik and his friends.

Tai ji mumbles that everything is over. She shouts out of her window. Her husband asks her who she is talking to. She complains that she took a vow to offer money to God in reverence and do 101 rounds of a tree of her wish comes true. She notices Arjun there. Did Anand send some message? Arjun denies. I came to collect the clothes which were sent for me. Tau ji allows him. He tells his wife to tell the guests to go to the wedding too. We can do anything but the wedding wont stop! Tai ji refuses to let it happen. Tau ji asks him what she will do. She recalls seeing Arjun and Juhi together.

Anand and Rakesh are following up on the guests. One guest’s button is broken. Rakesh tells him it isn’t his but my daughter’s wedding. Another guest teases him. Their cute banter continues.

Voiceover – Naina:
We saw another avatar of Papa that day.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Call him bride’s father or Rakesh Sir. He was a bomb for me which can explode anytime!

Anand and Rakesh ask Bela about Naina. She shares that beautician is doing her makeup.

Naina looks at her hairdo in the mirror. She remembers Sameer telling her to leave her hair open on their wedding day as he loves it.

Sameer shows his forehead to Munna and Pundit. See what happened! There are scratches on his forehead.

Voiceover – Naina:
I felt as if I got electric shock that day.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I was shocked thinking Sameer Maheshwari will go to his wedding with a mark!

Munna and Pundit tell Sameer it is okay. You are a man. Sameer is reluctant. The pics wont come good. I had told Naina I will look like Salman Khan on reception day. It wont happen with this mark. I will look good my entire life while I will look bad on my own wedding?

Naina’s hair is all curled up. She walks up to the beautician in a huff. What did you do? Beautician tells her not to shout. You only asked me to perm your hair. Preeti nods. We dint ask you to make her look like she was come from Africa! Naina looks in the mirror again.

Naina complains that it is her wedding. Is this how I will go in front of everyone? Kamya rues that the photos wont look good. Naina asks her if she is mad to think about the photos. How will I face Sameer like this? He wont let me even sit next to him. She requests Preeti to do something. Everything has gone for a toss. Preeti looks at her hair.

Sameer is unhappy as to how he will go in the wedding like this and take pheras with this scratch. Pundit tells him to pretend it is itching there. Sameer reminds him it is his wedding. I promised Naina!

Naina again scolds beautician for the damage. Beautician says I did it right but what can I do if they don’t suit you. Naina demands to make her hair like they were before but beautician tells her it wont happen before 3-4 months. Naina fumes in anger.

We thought about cancelling the wedding for which we did so much and pacified everyone to come to. We grew up but we were still acting like kids!

Precap: On one hand, Preeti and Kamya try to fix Naina’s hairdo while on the other hand, Munna and Pundit try to fix Sameer’s wound.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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