Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer packing his bags. Mami says we all love you and asks him if he will leave the house for Naina. Sameer says I can leave this world for her and tells that today he has seen true colors of hers and asks her not to show fake love. Mama ji tells him that if he steps outside today then it will break their relations. Sameer stops and looks at them. Mama ji says we are not your enemy, whatever we have done is for your betterment. Sameer comes near him and takes Nana ji and his pic. He says our relation is broken when you tried to break Naina and my alliance and didn’t think of my happiness. Mama ji says you will know about rice and flour rates now. Mami says you can’t have even two bites of food. Sameer tells Poonam that he will miss her and asks her to tell his nephew or niece about him. Poonam cries and asks him not to go. She asks where you will stay? Munna says Sameer will stay in my place. Sameer asks her to take care and leave with Munna.

Preeti asks Naina why is she upset and asks her to be happy. She says I will be sad as I will be alone after you leave and asks her to take her with her. She asks if she will have the tears of happiness or sadness. Naina says both and feels bad about Sameer. She tells that he is fighting with everyone to save just one relation. Preeti says he is fighting with everyone as he knows that you are his world, and asks her to unite him with all relations after marriage. Munna serves tea to Sameer and Pandit. Sameer thanks him for the tea. Munna asks him to get up and go. He says there is no sorry or thank you. Sameer says you let me stay in your house. Munna says we also stayed in your house. Pandit jokes. Sameer asks them not to tell Naina that he left the house else she will get tensed.

Mama ji calls Vishaka and tells her that he tried to stop Sameer, but he didn’t stop and left house. Vishaka says he is doing many mistakes. Mama ji says even I did a mistake, as I told that this house is of kakusaa and he named it on my name. Prabha says he has misbehaved with you. Mama ji says I didn’t drink even a drop of water and crying. Vishaka asks him not to worry. Mama ji says I loved him more than Devang and asks her to call Munna and talk to Sameer. Vishaka says ok and asks him not to worry.

Bela comes from market after buying the stuff for Naina’s marriage. Naina and Preeti take the bag. Naina says I will make tea for you. Neighbor Madhu comes there and tells that she came to know about Veena (Taiji) and tells that she gave her separate invitation. She invites them to her house for a function and tells about the alliance for Preeti. She tells that the guy is from Mumbai. Naina teases Preeti. Preeti says she will become like Sameer’s Mami and laugh. They go home.

Sameer asks Pandit to remember what his parents do for his Didi’s marriage? Pandit ji says first searched the groom, engagement and marriage. Munna says I will break your face and asks about the arrangements. He tells that they shall need elders’ help. Sameer says I will bring Naina in the decorated home to my house. Pandit says your home? Sameer says he has to get house for Naina and him.

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