Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer decides to buy house before marriage Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Prabha if everything is fine? Mami says she doesn’t know. Naina ends the call. Prabha gets angry on Naina and says if she comes infront of me then…She asks Poonam to keep Sameer’s clothes in his room. Poonam says ok and keeps the wire back. Munna gives Vishaka’s call to Sameer. Sameer blames her for leaving him and going. Vishaka blames Rakesh for the happenings. Sameer asks her to move her blindfold and see Naina. He says I will handle myself just like I had handled myself. Visbaka asks him to go home. Sameer says I will go to Naina and my house. Vishaka says you will buy the house? Sameer asks her to come and help him buy a house, and tells that even if you don’t come but Naina will come to my house in doli. Swati and Kamya come to Naina’s house. Naina gets emotional. Bela shows her sarees. Naina tells that she will take her saree and will hug it when she don’t get sleep after marriage. Bela gets emotional. Preeti says I will come with you as half wife. Naina asks her to do all the house hold work and jokes. They dance on the song saath saheli khaadi khaadi…….playing it on the music system. Bela asks them not to hear such vulgar song before marriage. Kamya asks what is the meaning? She asks her to ask Bela. Naina tells that she will get slapped by Chachi. They think what does it mean? Swati asks Naina to tell her when she knows. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, girls don’t know such meanings as there was no internet.

Naina calls Sameer and asks where is he? Sameer says he is at Munna’s house and doing arrangements for their marriage. He asks if she got shy hearing about their marriage arrangements. Naina gets shy. Sameer jokes. Naina tells that they are buying Sherwani for him and asks if he can accompany them. Sameer says today he is going to factory and says they will go tomorrow. He asks her if Mami said something. Naina says no. Sameer says they are upset, don’t call for few days. Naina informs Bela that Sameer will come tomorrow to buy Sherwani. Bela says ok. Anand says we will go today for shopping and before that we shall go to bank to withdraw the money.

Sameer comes out of bank and tells Munna and Pandit that he has no money in his account. Munna says you might have spent. Sameer says how I will buy the house now. He tells that he will go and asks Mama ji to give his money which Nana ji left for him. He tears the cheque. Naina sees him and walks towards him, while Anand goes to Bank. Anand comes out and sees Sameer leaving with his friends. Naina picks the torn cheque. They see 2 lakhs amount on it. Naina says we shall go to their home.

Prabha asks Mama why did he call Vishaka and asked her to call Sameer and says if he comes back. Mama says Sameer will not go as love is mad. Sameer comes just then. Prabha acts to be good. Sameer says I need money. Mama gives 100 Rs. to Prabha and asks her to give to auto. He taunts Naina’s family. Sameer says they love me than my family do. Anand asks him to go to factory and take the cheque, and sign on the receipt. He says I have to be answerable if Vishaka asks.

Prabha acts and says you are separating and getting married, but we are yours, and asks him to tell if he needs anything. Naina and Anand come there and hear her. Naina asks are you separating from home. Prabha asks her not to act to be unknown and asks him to ask Naina if she can do house work or her hands and legs will be swollen. Sameer says I will make the house. Mama says house don’t become in a day. Naina says house is not made in a day, but if he takes even a room, we will make it a home. She says wherever you keep me, it will be our home as you and your love will be there.

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