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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina reminding Sameer of his promise and says wherever you keep me that will be my home as you will be there and your love. Sameer holds her hand and asks her to come, says we have to do marriage shopping. He tells Mama ji that when Nana ji can leave the house for you, then he might have left so much for me, and I will make a big house for Naina. He asks if they will come to do their aarti and get naina’s grah pravesh. He touches their feet and asks Naina and Anand to come. Prabha says this guy don’t need us. Mama says I will think something and asks her to call munna. Prabha asks him not to melt for Sameer and don’t ask Munna to take care of Sameer. Mama calls munna’s father and says I heard that Sameer stays in your house. He tells him something. Munna tells Sameer that they will book palanquin. Sameer says lets house get final. Pandit says Bhabhi and you can stay here till you get your house and asks Munna to talk to his papa. Munna gets tensed. Sameer says our Munna is a tiger and is not afraid. Pandit asks him to talk to his father. Munna tensedly goes. His father is standing at the door and goes. Munna is upset. Naina talks to Sameer on the phone. Sameer says we are getting married and asks what she was saying? Naina says Manuhar…Naina says what is it? Manuhar…it is first invitation given to the people to make them remember the date. Sameer asks do you remember the date. Naina reads the first invitation message which she wrote. Sameer says it is incomplete and tells the lines to complete it. Naina smiles and tells that she is going to neighbors’ house.

Bela, Naina and Preeti come to the neighbor’s house. Preeto asks where is the Madhuben’s sister. Naina teases her. Her voiceover tells that they have done all the work together, but I was ahead of her in love matters. I was very happy that day as Preeti’s marriage was about to get fixed with my marriage, but I didn’t know that I will become hurdle in my sister’s marriage. Bela asks Preeti to feel shy and shows groom’s mother and sister. She says if they like you then…I will get your marriage too. She meets Madhuben and her sister. Naina tells Preeti that her sasumaa and nanand are looking at her. Preeto says yes. She asks Naina if the guy might be handsome. Naina says it is not necessary and jokes. Tai ji also comes there and turns her face seeing Bela. She asks Madhuben about food arrangements. Madhuben sister hears other neighbors talking about Tai ji and Bela’s cold fight. Tai ji tells them that they have raised Anand since his childhood, but he has fixed his daughter’s married in different caste. Madhuben’s sister tells her that they have fixed Naina’s alliance in different caste.

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