Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela asks Anand to cancel Naina and Sameer’s marriage Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Munna and Pandit going to the band shop to book it. Pandit ji tells that the musical instrument is not playing. The man in the shop plays it. Pandit says Naagin tune shall be played. Sameer comes there and tells that he has booked a bungalow with a lawn inside in City light. Man says city light and says it is a good area. Munna thinks of his father’s words and is upset. Pandit is happy and says bhabhi’s doli will come in this house and asks if he gave token money. Sameer says tomorrow in the afternoon. Pandit asks man to play naagin music. Pandit dances while he plays. Sameer asks Munna why he is sad? Munna says he has to do double duty. Sameer says everything will be fine. Sameer comes to Naina’s house and greets Bela. He tells that he was missing Preeti and asks Chachi if she will not call him inside. Bela says this is your home, come. Sameer says I will come after call and will ask you to make tinde sabzi. Bela excuses herself. Naina asks Sameer to show his new house. Sameer says if she comes on his bike. Naina signs Anand if she can go. Anand signs her to go on his bike. Neighbors see them going. Naina is about to hide her face with dupatta, but Preeti asks them not to be scared. Naina and Sameer leave on the bike. Preeti waves them bye. Neighbor asks Bela to fix Preeti’s alliance and says it will be difficult as naina’s alliance is fixed outside the community.

Sameer brings Naina to see their house layout. He holds her hand and they take a step together. Yeh tera yeh mera ghar plays…..Sameer and Naina plan their life in their house. They leave. Munna collides with his father and tea falls on him. He says sorry. Munna’s father scolds him and asks what did I say you yesterday. He asks him to concentrate on work and handle it. Munna says I was going to work. His father scolds him and asks why Sameer is still here and says this is not dharmshala, but my house. Munna’s father asks him to leave with Sameer else.

Bela asks Tailor to stitch lehenga of her saree….and gives Preeti’s measurement. Preeti asks why did you give this saree, as Naina likes it. Bela says Naina is going to rich family and her engagement dress and ring were costly. She asks her to worry about herself. Preeti says Papa and you are here for me. Bela says you just worry about yourself and goes. Naina hears them.

Sameer and Pandit come there. Sameer shows them card design. Munna’s father comes there. Sameer says I was about to come to you and tells that he has booked a bungalow in City light. He asks him to talk to builder and ask for discount. Munna’s father asks him to return to Kamlesh and says he has many contacts. He tells that marriage shall happen with elders’ blessings. Sameer says if the family curses then friends become family. Munna’s father says friends are within limits and says I gave time to Munna till now. He says you might not be affected to insult your family, but society will accuse me if I keep you at my house. Sameer looks at Munna and understands his helplessness. He says I will go tomorrow in the morning. Munna’s father asks him to go right now.

Naina tries to talk to bela and says why do you think that Preeti will have problem if SAmeer and I get married. Bela ignores her. Naina asks her to tell what happened? Preeti says if you don’t tell then how will we know? Bela ignores her completely and closes her door. Naina and preeti get sad. Anand calls the marriage card shop owner Paresh to his house. Naina brings water. Paresh bhai shows 10 rs. Card. Anand asks Bela to come and see the card. Bela comes and returns the cards. She says we don’t want to see, no marriage is happening here. Paresh bhai goes. Anand asks if she got an attack. Bela tells that she can’t see that Preeti sit at home all life. She says Naina is getting married, but why Preeti shall suffer because of her. Anand asks what does she want? Bela says she don’t want Naina and Sameer’s marriage to happen. Anand says they will get married. Bela says she will not attend the marriage. Naina and Preeti hear them. Anand goes to his room and locks the door. He asks if she has gone mad to do drama. Bela says she is going to mayka. Anand says you would have thought that Naina has nobody except us. Bela says even Preeti has nobody except us. Anand says I will get Preeti married in a good house. Bela says you also know society norms and asks if it is justice that one sister shall get all the happiness and other shall not get anything because of her.

Bela picks her bags. Anand calls her. Munna takes his bags to go with Sameer. Naina comes infront of Bela.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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