Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Argument over open hair Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Photographer asks everyone to shift so he can click photos. Rakesh sends everyone down. Bela and Anand compliment Naina. Munna and Pundit have fun teasing the girls. Munna asks about Swati. Preeti lies that her relative is ill. Don’t tell Naina this. Munna says she should have told me atleast. Pundit says she might not have gotten time.

Tai ji tells her husband that the guests are headed to the wedding. Now I will do something because of which Rakesh wont go in the wedding. Anand will have to come here to talk to us.

Mama ji emotionally blesses the couple. Kaku Sa must be blessing you from heaven. Naina and Sameer get emotional. Everyone comes one by one to wish the couple. Vishakha also blesses both of them. They pose for a family photo. The guests also get their photos clicked with the couple. Naina is hesitantly fixing her dupatta. Bela notices her discomfort. You took 2 hours to make the bun and even the dupatta is shifting. It would have been better if you had let your hair loose. Sameer looks at them in confusion. He asks Bela if she dint ask Naina to tie her hair. She denies. He repeats Naina’s lie but Bela dismisses it. We don’t believe in such things. She heads downstairs. Sameer confronts Naina. You lied to me. You tied your hair intentionally! Naina goes quiet.

Guests argue if they should go in the wedding or not. We haven’t come here to sort their personal enmity. Tau ji tells his wife to do what she has to do asap. We will not be able to face anyone if they leave now!

Photographer asks couple to pose for photos but Sameer is unhappy now. Munna and Pundit try to cheer his friend and make him stand with Naina. Mami ji also asks Sameer to smile a little. You will cry later anyways. Bobby laughs. Mama ji adds that the bride and groom might be unhappy from inside but they have to smile for the photos. The photos will be ruined if he gets upset.

Voiceover – Naina & Sameer:
We were getting married that day but we were nuts to be honest. We got angry over a small matter. I think it to be a small issue now that I think of it. I was afraid that Sameer would leave on the same horse that he came on if had found out about my hairdo.

Photographer asks Naina and Sameer to hold each other’s garlands again for the photos. A situational song plays in the background. Sameer poses unhappily. He steps away as soon as it is done.

Tai ji dials again but no one is picking the call. Juhi requests Tau ji and Tai ji that the relations will be fine sooner or later but this day will never return. Let’s go to the wedding. I am anxious to go. Tai ji says you would want to go as Arjun is there. Juhi lowers her head. Tai ji asks her why they have to go there for Arjun. It will happen here only. Just wait and watch. She sends Juhi inside to bring snacks for the guests. Tau ji asks her what it is. She nods in reply. She sends a guest to bring Rakesh here somehow. Just tell him that I have to speak to him about Arjun’s future. He only needs to be here for 5 minutes. The guest nods and leaves.

Naina’s sisters and friends pose for the photo. Mama ji asks Mami ji if they should check the main problem now. They also take Bobby along.

The guests discuss about the food menu. The same guest (sent by Tai ji) tries to approach Rakesh but Phula Bua calls him just then.

Bobby, Mama ji and Mami ji overlook the preps. Mama ji asks Bobby what he is thinking. Bobby shares that he is eagerly waiting it all to end. Vishakha forgot somehow but I can never forget it!

Naina tries holding Sameer’s hand but he pulls it away.

Mama ji and Bobby are sure Sameer will ruin everything. Mami ji says he only knows one thing that his Nanu has left more than enough for him. Mama ji says it is better to be quiet. Mami ji seconds him. We would have also been pushed away like Naina’s Tai ji and Tau ji. They dint want to let go of this hefty alliance. Bobby rues that he is here only for Vishakha’s sake. I don’t know how she became so motherly suddenly. This is more like a circus! They begin to go when Rakesh stops them. Anand goes after his brother. Rakesh serves sweets to Bobby, Mama ji and Mami ji. Mami ji is unable to hide her laugh while Anand looks at his brother proudly. Rakesh sends Anand away for some work. Rakesh folds his hands before them apologizing for anything that has gone wrong in the past. They are surprised by the change in his behaviour. He has changed so much today!

Munna pays a guy to decorate Sameer and Naina’s room.

Everyone compliments the couple. Sameer tells Naina to be happy. Everyone likes me whereas you have come here as an aunty. She says I look great but you have some problem. He insists upon seeing her in open hair. She tells him she wanted to leave her hair open but everyone wanted it this way. He says I feel bad as I fulfilled your every dream. I wore suit during afternoon ceremony on our engagement because you said it. I even came here on a horse like promised! I dreamt of seeing you in open hair on wedding but you dint fulfil it. You just don’t listen to me! She apologizes to him but he firmly tells her he wants her hair open during pheras. She lies that the beautician has fixed it very well. The hair will be curled up when I will open it. He refuses to hear any excuse. It is just a bun. She fails in convincing him. She tells him it isn’t right to be stubborn always. It cannot happen now.

Rakesh scolds a guy for not being careful with glasses. The guest greets Rakesh but someone calls him again before the guest can share Tai ji’s message with him.

Naina requests Sameer not to fight with her today. It is our wedding. He asks her if he is fighting. You don’t care about my likes and dislikes. I am not mad to fulfil all the promises made to you! I wasn’t mad to come on a horse for our wedding. She reasons that every groom comes on a horse only. Sameer tells her not everyone plays Kabbaddi to win a horse. I fought with Kartik and his friends to win a horse. She says sorry to him. Please smile now. He replies that it wont work now. Now I will only smile when you will open your hair.

Precap: Tau ji and Tai ji keep a condition before Rakesh in return of helping him – you wont go back in Naina’s wedding!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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