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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela telling Anand that it is not a justice that one sister gets all the happiness and other sister don’t get anything because of her. Anand says Naina is also our daughter. Bela says I am Naina’s mother, not Chachi. She says she can’t see her one daughter getting married and other daughter not marrying. Anand says if she go today then he will end his relation with her. Munna packs his clothes. His father says this is values and asks Sameer to go to his elders’ house. Sameer thanks him for letting him stay in his house for few days. Munna comes with Sameer and his baggage and asks Sameer to come. Bela asks if this is the result of my dedication for your house. She says Naina is my daughter, but Preeti is my daughter too and I can’t see her life getting ruined. She says I will not go to my mayka, but will not attend Naina’s marriage functions. She goes to room and sees Naina and Preeti standing. Sameer tells Munna that this is not his suitcase. Munna says this is my suitcase. He tells his father that he is going with Sameer. His father asks why are you leaving the house and for what? Munna says I am leaving the house for my friend and requests his father not to stop him from attending his friend’s marriage. He says we have sworn to stay together and cries. His father asks him to pick his suitcase and go. Munna, Sameer and Pandit are about to go, but his father stops them and asks him to befriends them all his life. Munna hugs his father. His father tells Sameer that he can stay there, but don’t hope anything from him as he can’t spoil relation with Kamlesh and Vishaka. Sameer, Munna and Pandit have a hug. Sameer’s voiceover tells that the kids have only tears as a weapon to melt down their parents, here the matter was of real friendship.

Arjun is going home. Juhi is in the car and asks where is he going? Arjun says he is going to his night shift duty. She asks him to buy a scooter. Arjun says we had a car, but….Juhi says bye. Arjun tells that he has a good news to give and tells that Naina is getting married. Juhi asks Sameer? Arjun asks who told you? Juhi says she is Naina’s friend and will congratulate her. She goes in her car.

Bela is cutting vegetables. Naina comes to her and says you didn’t have anything since night and asks her to drink some tea atleast. Bela ignores her. Sameer comes there. Preeti says jija ji. Sameer greets Anand. Bela gets up to go inside. Sameer calls her and greets her. Bela says whatever I had to tell, I told your Chacha ji. She says she will not agree. Sameer says you shall not agree. He says your thinking is right, that if Naina and I get marry then Preeti will have problem. Naina says it was my mistake, I should have thought about this.

Sameer says we are not selfish that we will spoil Preeti’s life because of us. He tells that we got your blessings and it is enough, if we marry or not, it doesn’t matter. He tells that they will not marry until Preeti’s alliance is fixed. Anand asks him to rethink and says you have left your house for Naina. Sameer says it is a small thing to do for Chachi ji and Preeti. He says Naina also tells that you are not her Chachi, but Maa and says they will not marry without her blessings. He says we have decided not to meet each other or marry until Preeti’s alliance gets fixed. He tells Preeti that her responsibility is his now.

Tai ji sees Taya ji disliking the tea and asks what happened? Taya ji says it is less sugary and asks where is her concentration? Tayi ji says at Naina’s marriage. Taya ji asks if she will do the arrangements. Taya ji says she will go if they call her. Tayi ji says for the people and tells that neighbors at laughing at her, and asks why she is not seen with Bela. She says everyone is badmouthing about us and your other brother Rakesh stood with Anand and Bela. Taya ji says Rakesh is somewhere here and somewhere there. Tai ji asks him to do something and make Rakesh come to their side. Taya ji looks on.

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