Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Munna shattered to hear about Swati’s Roka Written Episode

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Naina tells Sameer she cannot explain to him but it is impossible to open my hair. He retorts that it is not a lock which cannot be opened. The guests give her shagun. She asks him who she should give it to. He asks her if she asks him everything. She tells him to be quiet. He agrees to do it only when she will open her hair. You have come here looking like an aunty!

Voiceover – Sameer:
Nothing went wrong in our wedding till now. We just couldn’t handle this much perfection and were fighting on stage. Our small issue seemed so big to us that we could not realize the problems that our loved ones were about to face very soon!

Photographer asks Naina and Sameer to pose differently but Sameer tells him to stop. Naina asks him what he is doing. They will be memories for life. He replies that her bun will anyways ruin everything.

Guests taunt Tau ji and Tai ji over a cup of tea. Tau ji asks his wife if her work is done. Even the guest we sent has also not returned. Tai ji is positive he will come but Tau ji says he must be enjoying the delicacies there.

The guest stops Rakesh and tells him that Beena has called him over to her house asap. Rakesh agrees to meet her tomorrow but the guest insists it is about Arjun’s present and future.

Photographer asks the couple to smile. Naina too tells Sameer to make a straight face but they make weird faces for the camera and look at each other pointedly.

Rakesh leaves with the guest to meet Beena ji.

Munna and Pundit tease a guest to use the phone as much as they want. It is free after all. The guest walks away. Arjun asks them if they had food. Munna and Pundit deny. Sameer wants his car to be completely decorated with flowers. He wants a Just Married board also. Arjun tells them to not to forget to eat and walks way. Anand and Bela thank Munna and Pundit for all that they have done. Munna apologizes to Anand for the error in printing Rakesh’s name with Late title. Anand teases them that Rakesh himself will forgive them for that error. They all smile.

Rakesh is in a rush to find out what happened. I have to go back to the venue. Tai ji taunts him for not caring about Arjun’s future anymore. He is working in a small factory for peanuts. Rakesh tells her not to worry about it. He will succeed sooner or later. Tai ji asks him if he thinks Naina will help her brother her entire life as she is married in a rich family now. Rakesh asks him if she thinks Arjun will beg his sister for money. Tau ji reasons that people only care about money these days. No one has respected you enough for that very reason. Arjun is weaker than Naina. You are also weaker amongst us brothers. Arjun’s disappointment has started to show on his face these days! There has been news lately where youngsters take extreme steps because they are disappointed with life. What if Arjun does something similar in future?

Preeti and Rinki come on stage to meet Naina and Sameer. Preeti has brought one cold drink for the couple. Rinki asks her if Naina does not drink cold drink. Preeti share that Naina drinks from the same cold drink. Sameer finishes the entire bottle and pretends to apologize to Naina. I forgot to give it to you. Rinki calls it cute. Naina asks her what’s cute about it. She asks her sister about Swati.

Ladies discuss about Maheshwari family. They are so rich. Naina is really lucky.

Bela requests Vishakha to let her know if Naina does anything wrong in future. I will set her right on call itself. They are still kids. Just be with them always. Vishakha says you don’t need ot say it. I love my son who loves your daughter which means I have to love Naina equally.

Swati congratulates Naina and Sameer. Naina reprimands Swati for being so late. Swati says I am late yet I am here. Naina says Sameer’s bestfriends handled everything here whereas my best friend was missing. Swati taunts that Munna handled everything on his own. I wasn’t needed. Naina looks at her in confusion. Swati says I am here finally. Naina threatens to kill her if she had not come. Swati manages the situation.

Voiceover – Sameer:
The love that I was showering on Naina made her give me a new name – Sameer tana king Maheshwari. I agree it is an art to taunt too. Anyone who has ever loved knows it too well.

Naina says I wish it was easy to explain some things. Sameer asks her what she has to explain here. She rues that she would have told him already if she could. They notice Rinki looking at them and go quiet. Rinki tells them to continue fighting. It was so much fun to see you both fight.

Munna tells the guys to decorate the entire car with roses. Vendor agrees. Munna notices the Just Married tag and finds it incorrect. He goes to get it checked with someone else.

Preeti asks Swati if she dint think of Munna even once. Swati asks her if Munna thought of her. He is only concerned about Sameer. I am nowhere in his list. Kamya asks her how she let her parents do her Roka when she loved Munna. Swati replies that she is in equal amount of pain but he does not care about me. I tried talking to him many times but he was always busy. I told him so many times to speak to his family about me but he was only busy with Sameer’s wedding. Kamya says Munna, Naina and Sameer will feel bad equally. Swati tells them not to tell it to anyone. I will share it with everyone in 2 days. One love story is enough for Ahmedabad. Not everyone can have a love marriage! Preeti and Kamya leave. Munna is standing behind them and has overheard their convo.

Kamya is hungry. Pundit asks him if he let them eat. You sent the videographer after us. They turn to go when Sameer stops them. He suggests getting a group photo clicked. Everyone agrees. Naina smiles. Sameer gets up not noticing Munna on stage. Where is he? Swati replies that he must be looking after some arrangement of your wedding. Pundit goes to find Munna.

Rakesh agrees to help his son build his future. Tau ji asks him how he will do it. You are not rich. Tai ji tells him that Naina will roam in big cars while Arjun will be on streets. Will it look good? Tau ji adds that he cannot even make Arjun a librarian in these circumstances. Tai ji agrees to do something for Arjun if they will trust them. Tau ji says this will safeguard his future. Rakesh sits down worriedly. Tau ji and Tai ji keep a condition before Rakesh in return of helping him – you wont go back in Naina’s wedding! Rakesh stands up in shock. What do you mean? Who will do her kanyadaan then? Tau ji leaves it on him to decide. Tai ji and Tau ji disclose the master card – Juhi. You don’t get this lucky every time. She is from a rich family and is the only daughter. Arjun will be so lucky. Juhi’s father will involve him in his business. I will sort everything. You wont just return to the wedding now!

Voiceover – Sameer:
I told you that our wedding was going smooth but these hiccups were bound to come. You would very soon realise how it will turn out!

Precap: Rakesh informs Anand on phone that he cannot come in the wedding. Anand and Naina are stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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