Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kiss lands Naina and Sameer in trouble Written Episode

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeti and Kamya tease Naina on the nightie incident. Kamya calls their jiju romantic. Naina asks her if he should have been unromantic. Kamya teases her for supporting her husband. Preeti and Kamya say JBR has teased you guys well over honeymoon. Naina proposes to study first and even help Sameer study. Preeti and Kamya laugh hearing it. Kamya shares that Munna and Pundit were talking to Sameer about his honeymoon. Naina asks her to share the details but Kamya says they dint let us know anything. Naina requests her to find out but Kamya tells her to focus on the pink nightie. Preeti also reminds her of what she had just said. Naina makes a face at them and tells them she will find out herself.

Naina meets Sameer in the cafe. He tells her he has been thinking about her only. She makes him swear that he is not lying to her and will never lie to her. He agrees. She asks him to tell her what he has planned for honeymoon. Where are we going? Sameer realises that Kamya and Swati must have gave his plan away. She again asks him to tell but he keeps a condition. He points at his lips. She threatens to go but he reminds her that they are about to get married. She reasons that there are so many people around. He offers her to take her to some place where no one will be there but she refuses. What will I say at home? He tells her not to tell at home. We wont be meeting stealthily anyways after this. She gets thinking.

Phula Bua asks Bela if she eloped and married Anand. Bela denies. Phula Bua says we will first put haldi and do everything later. Rinki asks her about the ritual. Phula Bua explains it to her. Rinki gets excited again about her wedding. Phula Bua gives her a fitting reply. She asks Arjun if he has informed the guests to come at the venue. He nods. She asks about the outstation guests. Bela shares that her husband will bring everyone. They discuss as to what all will be needed.

Preeti tells Naina not to feel so nervous. You used to go in the past too. Why are you afraid now when you are getting married? She offers to take care of everyone.

Munna, Pundit and Sameer come to the place. They are impressed by the house. They tease Sameer on his upcoming meeting. It will be your last meeting as a lover. You will later meet her as her husband only. Sameer says relations change between a girl and a boy but friends remain friends forever. They share a hug.

Bela asks Naina where she is going. Rinki says she must be going to meet Sameer but Naina denies. I was going to close the door as so much stuff has been kept around. Bela tells her against it. Don’t go anywhere especially not to meet your would-be husband. Rinki says I will surely go when I will be getting married. Phula Bua scolds her. Preeti lies that Naina was going to market to buy clips. Bela says she has enough but Naina adds that she needs matching clips for her lehenga. Bela allows her to go.

Sameer goes inside to get the car key. Pundit realises that they missed informing Sameer about Vishakha’s arrival. She is coming today itself. They close the doors so no one casts a bad eye on them.

Anand brings a modern suitcase for Naina. Everyone is happy to see it as it has wheels. Preeti jokes that it will be a relief for Sameer as he only would end up carrying it. Everyone smiles. Bela asks her husband if he had word with Rakesh. Has he agreed to come in the wedding? Anand denies. Phula Bua is sure he will come to fulfil his responsibilities as Naina’s father. Anand hopes it happens that way only. He has to agree for Naina’s wedding.

Naina sits in Sameer’s car. He asks her why she is tensed. She replies that she came out after so much difficulty. He says difficulties make love stories interesting. He holds her hand romantically but she makes him keep it on the steering. She tells him not to go too far or she will be in trouble but he assures her not to worry. I am your would-be husband. Mami ji sees them together and is irked. They are about to get married but they haven’t stop romanticising.

Munna and Pundit show the house to Vishakha. How did you like your son and wife’s first house? Vishakha looks at the house emotionally.

Arjun stumbles and his stuff falls down. Kids his age taunt and tease him. They even speak of Shefali while holding a soap bar. They are about to hit him when Juhi intervenes. She threatens to inform police to they leave. Juhi checks on Arjun. Arjun requests her not to tell anyone at home about this incident.

Sameer brings Naina to lover’s spot. She asks him to drive further but he refuses. He points at all the couples holding hands and smiling in that area. He says we are about to get married. Don’t you wish to know where will be on honeymoon? He leans closer to her for a kiss when there is a knock on the door. It is a guy selling flowers. Sameer buys a rose for Naina. The rose vendor walks away. Sameer tells Naina she was getting worried for no reason. He caresses the rose on her face. Jaane Do Na plays in the background. He again requests for a kiss but she shakes her head worriedly. He inches closer again. There is a knock on the door again. It is a tea vendor. Naina wipes her sweat. The tea vendor does a shayari. They both end up smiling and buy a cup of tea. Sameer leans closer yet again. This time Naina is startled by the knock. Sameer too gets worried seeing a constable.

Precap: Constable asks Naina and Sameer to step outside. He tries to make him understand that they around about to get married but Constable refuses to hear anything.

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