YHM- finding something true — character sketch Written Episode

mahir sehngal, age: 17: he is rohan and aliya’s eldest child and only son. he loves his sisters and mother a lot but tends to get annoyed with his mother’s stubbornness on staying with his so called father. he hates rohan to death. he is the over-protective brother of gauri and aastha mostly gauri as he tries his best to keep her away from rohan. since rohan never does what a father does to his daughter – pampering, mahir happily pampers his little princess gauri. he breaks things when he is really angry. he is a class topper and hopes to be a doctor one day. prefers to be known by his mother’s maiden name.


aastha sehngal, age: 16: she is rohan and aliya’s second child and first daughter. she is chirpy, sweet, kind, bold, independent and most importantly mature. she know how to manage things and how to maintain a balance. she is full of optimism and positive advices for everyone. hates her dad to death. even though her world isn’t colourful, she always tries to see the positive in the negative. she loves her siblings and mother a lot but dislikes her mother’s stubbornness. she, along with mahir, tries their best to keep gauri away from the dark which is their father. she is a class topper and hopes to be a psychologist.


gauri sehngal, age: 5: she is rohan and aliya’s youngest child and second daughter. at age 5, snow white and fairytales are her reality. she is the apple of everyone’s eyes expect rohan’s. her siblings always keep her away from him hence she doesn’t really know who rohan is. she is in love with Salman Khan and because of him she has a dabang attitude and as of Bollywood itself, she is a little drama queen which makes everyone laugh. she is very chirpy, innocent and sweet and anyone can easily get along with her. just don’t tell her unicorns, fairies and mermaids don’t exist else she will cry and hate you for the rest of her life.

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rohan sehngal, age: 41: he is mahir, aastha and gauri’s ‘father’ and aliya’s ‘husband’. he is an engineer by profession and his only love in life is money. he used to love aliya but something happened in the past leading to him hating aliya and abuses her both physically and mentally. comes home very late at night and leaves the house very early in the morning.

aliya sehngal, age: 33: she is mahir, aastha and gauri’s mother and rohan’s wife. she loves rohan a lot but she will never understand why he started to get all abusive as earlier he was a sweetheart. she is jobless since she never finished her studies and rohan won’t let her go to university. she loves her kids a lot.

Aditya Bhalla a.k.a adi, age: 34: he is ishita and raman’s eldest son. a businessman by profession and is so sweet and kind. he loves little kids a lot and every Saturday, he visits the orphan kids. he is not driven by money and fame. his family are trying to find a match for him.

all characters are the same as in the show.

just we have the old santoshi not the new one.

and adi and ruhi are Ishita’s real children. shagun and mani live in uk.

also how aliya got married at a young age – I did some research on marriage in Scotland.

ruhi is 25 and pihu is 10.


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