Zindagi na milegi dobara- SwaLak & RagSan ff (Chap 5) Written Episode


Ragini and swara were sitting on the bed thinking seriously about what they would do the next day.

S: “di, when u go to meet that stalker at the ground tom, I will hide behind a tree with pepper spray, mirchi powder and even a stone. If tries to do anything to u, I ll sprung to action. So don’t worry more. Let’s get over this! Atleast we will get to know who that person is, so that we can be more careful in future.”

Ragini nodded her head.

R: “but swara, y do I feel like, problem is just going to get worse when he shows his face tomorrow? I don’t know why, but have a strong intuition that am getting more and more restless.”

S: “nothing will happen of that sort. At the most, what will happen, he might propose to u. just reject him, if u are not interested. I think it will end there. There is no use in pursuing a girl if she says no to the proposal rgt?”

R: “hmmmm, lets just hope for the best, because I don’t want to think anymore about it. whatever will happen will happen. Durga ma will take care of the rest.”

S: “that’s good” with a smile.

Ragini wanted to ask swara abt the dance thing.

R: “swara, don’t u have anything else to say me?”

S: “nothing di, do I have to?” and turned her face towards the window and walked up to her shelf and started to search something as she clearly understood what ragini would be referring to.

Ragini went behind her.

R: “swara, u can’t even tell a lie properly. I can see right through u. what was the thing about that happened in the col near dance room?”

Swara didn’t answer her.

Ragini made swara turn and looked into her face.

S: “di, that was nothing. He is an idiot. He made a mistake and is trying to justifying it by blaming it on me. Nothing else.”

R: “swara, okay lets take it that way! But y are u hesitating to dance? U really dance so well. Then why cant u dance for the event?”

S: “di, when u know everything, how can u ask me a question like that?”

R: “until when are you going to hold on to that incident? It is almost 2 years swara, Just forget it dear. Come out of it. Dance is your passion and u can’t let it go like this.”

S: “it’s not like I don’t dance at all. Its fine for me the way I am right now. No di, I haven’t healed from that. It was before 2 years but I can feel it like it was just yesterday. Don’t you also force me. I don’t know when I will come out it.” and left the place before ragini could say anything.

Ragini was worried about her. “There can’t be a better opportunity than this to make her forget that incident and move on. I have to do something about this. I can’t see my sis suffer like this” thought to herself.

In the morning:

Swara packed her bag carefully. She took all the items,(namely pepper spray and chilli powder, the main tools for the day’s task ) kept the chilli  powder packet in the front zip, so that it will be easy for her take. “u rascal, u ll be finished today” thought swara abt the stalker.

Both swara and ragini remained silent until they left home. because if they might sound nervous which would make shekhar and somi suspect them. but then also, shekhar and somi suspected them.

Sk: “misti, these girls are so quiet these days. Did anything happen? It is so unlike them.” expressed his concern in the morning after the girls left for col.

Sm: “patha nahi shekhar. If there is some problem they would tell us abt it. so don’t worry. May be they are just thinking abt their studies. If this continues, I ll ask them abt it.” equally worried.  shekhar, forgot to tell u, maa ka phone aaya tha. Dono maa aur bavuji sab tik hai. They asked abt u.”

Sk: “oh!! Maa kaise hai? Her blood pressure all normal rgt? Did ma and bavuji also speak? I ll ring them now” and moved to their room in search of his mobile.


[Author’s note: imagine tarun (adarsh) as sharath and aakansha chamola (parineeta) as sharath’s girlfriend, as there are no characterization of adarsh and his wife in my ff]

At col:

Laksh was still in thinking mode when he reached the col. He parked his cbz and walked aimlessly with confused thoughts. He wanted only one answer “how am I going to make that egoist swara dance?” Omi was talking with a girl in the parking lot. After noticing laksh going, he quickly said bye to the girl and called out to him.  Laksh didn’t mind him and went on. Omi reached laksh.

O: “are yaar, how many times do I have to call u? what are u thinking abt this early in the morning?”

L: “don’t even ask buddy. Am so much in tension today. Everything is because of that swara”

O: “what’s up with this day? why is everyone like this?”

L: “why? Who else is like this?”

O: “sharath buddy.”

Even before omi could say the problem, laksh sensed what it could be.”

L: “what? Did he break up again??” with a sigh and both of them walked towards the class.

Sharath was sitting in their bench with his head down.

Laksh and omi rolled their eyes and went near him. This was not a new thing to them. This happened almost once in a month. Whenever this happened, sharath used to stay sad the whole day and rant abt his love story and how they were perfect love birds. Laksh and omi had heard enough of these stories that they could tell them by heart. But they had no way out from this torture as sharath was their best friend, they had to go through this!! Laksh and omi were silently debating in actions as of who will go and speak to him first.

So finally laksh went ahead first.

L: “buddy, are u okay??”

Sharath (ST) looked up. His face was so gaunt like he had just now escaped from a ghost. He shook his head in negative that he was not okay.

L: “common buddy, this is not a new thing rgt? Then why this face!” sharath gave him a look which meant “don’t u try to fuel my anger”.

Laksh noticed it and said “I mean, whatever fight it is u guys always patch up in the end rgt, so that’s what I meant yaar. Chill. So this time also it will be fine. Cheer up buddy.”

St: “no guys, I don’t think we will patch up this time. It is the final break up I guess! It’s over”

Omi: “stop being so negative yaar. Everything will be alright. okay but what is the reason for the break up this time”

St: “don’t even ask. This is the most ridiculous reason, as this is the first time we broke up because of a third party.”

L: “what?? Does she have any brother or any cousin??”

St : “don’t think that much guys. But promise me u two will not laugh after hearing the exact reason for our breakup!”

Laksh and omi nodded their partially as they were totally clueless.

St: “we broke up because.. because..” laksh and omi were waiting for it but sharath was building the suspense like in Jurassic movies, just like anticipating the monster.

Omi : “arey, bata do na”

St: “we broke up because her pet dog doesn’t like me”

At this statement laksh and omi couldn’t control their laughter. They both burst out laughing. The remaining members of the class were all looking at them only!

St: “guys, stop it, didn’t u say that u wont laugh? Am already irritated. Don’t make me feel more”

Laksh and omi controlled their laughter with difficulty.

L: “what did u do to unimpress the dog??” still suppressing the laughter.

[what had actually happened was: sharath’s girlfriend priyanka had got a new pet dog and when sharath and she when for outing she tagged along with her pet. And the pet was barking at him as soon as he had arrived. Sharath had told priyanka not to bring her pet to meet him and their fight had started there and after a hour long arguments, priyanka broke up with him for the 10th time with sharath!!  uff… priyanka is one of the girls who want their boyfriends to mingle with their pet ]

St: “kya karoon yaar!! she is behaving like her pet is the first and foremost thing for her!! have u guys seen the Entertainment movie, this dog is also getting that kind of royal treatment from her!!” and sighed.

Omi: “is the johny johny song wala movie??”

St : “exactly omi!! Like that film, here this dog is the main character in our relationship. Arrrghhh. I feel like shouting, I am getting more pissed off”

Now this conversation striked a bell in laksh’s mind. He finally got an idea to make swara dance. He suddenly jumped with joy. Despite his sadness, sharath was so jerked to see lucky act like this.

O: “arey lucky, what happened to u?? did sharath’s craziness get transferred to u??” with a more concerned face.

Sharath gave omi a slap in the back. Laksh didn’t say anything. He was just smiling and his mind was already racing with plans, his heart and mind were feeling like he had won a jackpot! Sharath and omi gave each other quizzed looks, unable to fanthom laksh’s smile and thoughts. Omi shook him up. Laksh jerked out of his thoughts.

Omi questioned him with actions like “what happened?”

L: “omi and sharath, guys I have something really important to do now. I have to go now, will tell u guys abt it later.” And ran out of the class.

Sharath finally spoke.” Omi, we were talking abt my breakup!! I think laksh is going to speak to priyanka and clear our misunderstanding” with a glee in his face.

Laksh ran to the staff room to meet nilasha mam.


Swara and ragini missed their usual bus and came a little late than usual. They bid goodbyes at gate as ragini headed towards library.

S: “di, if any problem, call me or rush to my class okay.”

R: “okay swara meet u later.”

It was Thursday. They had a college radio. It was managed by students of journalism dept and visual communication students. The college radio had its usual airing hours at morning before the normal col started. They used to give news, many facts, and some interesting gossips of col campus. Every Thursday, it was an exceptional that, music would be played all day around in the breaks. Everyone could request for a song by posting in the fb page of their college radio fan page. It had a huge following not only from their col students but also from other people especially girls because it was partly hosted by some hot guy of the journalism dept. this was allowed by col because it was like journalism and visual communication students would get a nice exposure to their field before they would complete their studies.

As swara turned towards the path to her class, she heard her favourite song play “ishq bulavaa” from “hasee toh phase”. It ended. She puckered her lips as she couldn’t hear her fav song!She wanted to hear it. so she took her headset out and played the song in her playlist. That song was an all time fav for swara. She thought of requesting that song in the col radio fb page. She requested the song she wanted to hear with a little description abt that song. As she was logging out, she flipped into Bluetooth app by mistake. It was at that time she noticed her Bluetooth history. It was showing that a video was shared from her mob. She didn’t remember her doing it. “may be di would have taken it.” and tossed any other idea out of her mind and concentrated on the song. She was listening to the song with her head down and walking slowly towards the class. Half the way, someone came in front of her. she thought she had blocked someone’s way. Without even looking up, she moved to the otherside, so that other person could pass by. But no, when she moved the person also moved before her and she moved to this side time and it was repeated. She hated it when someone disturbed her while she was listening to song. With an irritated look, she looked up. The frown on her face got deeper when she saw who the person was.

Ragini went to the lib to take some notes, but couldn’t as she her mind was elsewhere. There were two things going in her mind. one about the stalker and the other about swara. The first hour was free for them today so she was planning to stay at lib for an hour. Just flipping through the pages, she was aimlessly looking at it. for time being, she chose to ignore the problem about the stalker and concentrate on swara. No matter how much ever she thought, she was able to decide that talking to laksh would be the only solution to the problem. “may be he would be the one might be able to make swara dance” thought to herself remembering the way, laksh was angry and his words of making swara dance no matter what. So all she had to do now was to meet that guy without letting swara knowing abt it.

Behind the shelves, someone was watching her. he was feeling satisfied as he saw ragini deep in her thoughts. He thought that ragini would be thinking abt their meeting in the eve. He chose to watch and admire her for some more time. The day he saw her in the col, he couldn’t help but fall for her. he has met so many girls, flirted with them but just looking at ragini gave him different chills and feel. So he didn’t want to rush it. He took his own time in following her and admiring her without her knowledge. He didn’t want to worry her but still he wanted to get introduced in a cool manner. He even tried to be nice with her sister swara. His phone started vibrating. It was his friend with whose help he was keeping a tab on ragini, when he couldn’t. he went into a secluded place to answer the call.

“is anything urgent? Are the preparations going?”

“hey karthik where are u?” said a voice from the other side of the phone.


Laksh was waiting for swara to reach the col. He was pacing up and down in the corridor like a child waiting for his candyman. He finally saw her walk into col. He saw her taking her mob and listening to a song. After that she started walking slowly. It was like she was going to take forever to reach the class. So he rushed down, unable to wait.

He went and stood in front of her blocking her path, but she didn’t even lift her head. He moved sideways again to block her path. Finally she looked up with a puzzled look combined with irritation after she saw his face.

Swara glared at him and laksh stared at her with a smirk on his face. All the previous days incidents flashed in her mind. she didn’t want to make an eye contact because she felt a little guilt of lying to him when there was no fault on him. But she had no intention of correcting it! Because according to her this is the only way she could escape from the show.

Swara raised her eyebrows at him.

L: “I just came to inform u something. The practice starts today eve. Meet u at dance room at eve” and turned to leave, he was hoping for her to respond.

S: “what?? I guess I clearly told u yesterday that I will not dance. Do u have any kind of partial amnesia??” with a sarcasm in her tone. She was angry.

Laksh was waiting for this. He turned to face her.

L: “I haven’t forgetten anything which u said me yesterday. I also told that I will make u dance no matter what with me. This is a challenge to me and my pride. U have seen me only as laksh till now, from today u will see the lucky of me.”

S: “whatever the heck may be. I am least interested in u Mr. Laksh/lucky maheshwari. U will never succeed in this.” And walked past him swiftly, not waiting for him to respond.

Laksh was further infuriated by her reply. He was holding his anger. He didn’t know why swara’s behaviour affected him much than anyone else.


Swara was confused. She was able to sense that laksh seemed a little confident abt this challenge. She was feeling uneasy. But she was damn sure that he would not be able to make her budge from her decision. This thought was going on her mind till she was brought back to senses by the arrival of the mam.

It was political science period. This subject was one of swara’s fav one. it was handled by their H.O.D. he was one of the most versatile professors. The lecture was half way through the period, when nilasha mam entered the class.

Nilasha: “excuse me sir, sorry to interrupt ur class, but I have an announcement to make.”

h.o.d: “no probs nila, go ahead.”

Nila: “okay, the final members of the dance team are:

Rahul,vineeth,laksh, lavanya, Sanjana and swara. I would like to meet u all in the eve in the dance room. Pls make sure that u guys assemble der. I have a imp news for u regarding the upcoming event.”

Swara was jerked when she heard her name. she didn’t know that nilasha mam would make this announcement soon.  She looked at laksh. he was giving her a mocking smile. She was confirmed that laksh had done something with this. She was trying to catch nilasha mam’s attention. Mam noticed her.

Nila: “sir, I would like to talk to swara for a minute sir. Pls”

h.o.d nodded his head. Swara also wanted to talk to her and wriggle herself out of this situation.

S: “mam, I would like to tell u something.”

Nila: “swara, u don’t have to explain anything. I know everything. I can understand that given ur new surroundings. U will do well dear. Being a dancer, u should display ur talent. Laksh told me everything. U don’t have to worry, laksh will help u swara. I too will help u. I can talk to ur parents.”

Swara didn’t even have a chance to speak. Nilasha mam went on speaking assuming what she was speaking was right. She didn’t want to drag her parents into this. Because she knew them too well. They never said no to these kind of things. She was fuming  and almost punched laksh in her mind numerous times.

S: “no mam, that’s not the issue. Actually..”

Nila: “then it is settled right. Fine dear, will meet u in the eve. I will better be going. Have lots to do.” And moved from there.

Swara was dumb confused. She didn’t know how she was going to handle this one. laksh has made sure that she had no way to escape. She had to return to the class. She had to think quick. But she was sure of one thing. “I am not going to go easy on this laksh.” and entered the class.


Sanskaar was taking his own time to get ready. He was planning to drop by laksh’s college as to make it as a casual visit. He was wearing his favourite v-neck half white tshirt teemed with a blue jean. He was looking great in this attire. He always had girls following him around. So him going behind a girl was new to him, like pursuing her first rather than the other way around. He was feeling nervous. He might or may not come across ragini. but he was hoping to run into he. This was the purpose of his visit. His aim was to get her number today. He wanted to know her better. He was standing before the mirror for too long. He was practicing his lines of how he should react in a suprising way when he would run into ragini.

Sa: “hey hi ragini, nice to meet u here. Do u also study here? I didn’t know” to the mirror.

Sa: “no no, this one is too exaggerating. Ahh, why am I even doing tis” and face palmed.

He was redoing his hair once again. His mother crossed his room and was amused at sanskaar behaving like this. She was watching him for some time. After that she could not control herself and started laughing. Sanskaar turned around to see the source of laughter and found himself blushing when he found out that it was his mom.

AP: “beta, what’s wrong?” with a smile.

Sa: “nothing maa. First tell me how do I look?”

Ap: “hmmm, as handsome as always. U are looking handsome enough to impress someone” and winked at him.

Sa: “maa, nothing like that. I was just asking u just like that “and turned away to hide his sheepish smile.

Annapurna smiled to herself.

Ap : “okay okay. I got it.”

Sa: “bye ma. Going out. Will be back soon” and hugged his mother.

Ap: “okay, take care. Go safe.”

She waved him bye.

Annapurna was happy to see her son like this. She was sure that he was up to something.  She was a mother who cared abt her children wishes more than anything.


Ragini was becoming restless as the day went by. She was not able to concentrate on a single thing. The time went fast. It was already 2:30 in the aft. There was only half an hour left.

Swara couldn’t corner laksh as he purpose fully avoided her during lunch. Swara was determined to finish this problem today itself. She didn’t want to drag it on. For now, she was worried for her sis more. At 3, she had to go down to the ground. She was preparing herself to attack the stalker.

Laksh was waiting for a full on fight with swara after classes ended. He was sure that she was dying to speak with him to shout at him. He was enjoying every bit of it. He was planning to talk to her in the canteen before they would go to dance room.

Sanskaar drove his car towards the col. He didn’t inform laksh abt his arrival. If he told him abt it, he would tease him unnecessarily. He was planning to call him, after he met ragini. He was 15 mins away from col. He was full on happy and exciting mode to meet her. He turned on his music system.


Ragini and swara reached the football ground at sharp 3.

S: “di, don’t worry, he might come here at any time. I ll hide by the tree over there. If there is any problem, give me a missed call, I will rush over here.”

Ragini nodded her head and moved. The heat was moderate that day with little breeze. Ragini was nervous but tried to hide it from her face. She was looking around to see if anyone was coming towards her. it was 3:10.  Swara was also getting restless.

Sanskaar reached the col. he checked himself in the mirror once more and got out of his car. Coming to this col, was like a dejavu moment for him. He too studied in this col. he was an all rounder when he was in col. he had lots of memories at nook and corner of this col. it was like yesterday when he completed his bachelor’s degree. He was planning to look around before he could search for ragini. he decided to start from his fav spot in his col, it was the football ground.

Ragini was getting tired. It was just 15 minutes that she had been waiting, but it was like an hour. She was thinking abt leaving that place in another 5 mins if that stalker was not going to show up. At that time, she heard a voice calling her name from behind. Her senses became alerted and she turned back to look at her stalker.

She was kind of shocked to see who it was.

Swara was getting tired of hiding behind the tree. It was getting late for her. she had practice at 3:30, before that she had to remove her name from the list. At that time she saw someone approaching ragini. she couldn’t see his face properly. She came around the tree to get a clear vision of the stalker. She was shocked when she saw who it was. It was karthik, her senior. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Karthik(k): “hi ragini, am karthik. Nice to meet u.” with a full grin.

Ragini was quite shocked. She had seen this guy around many times. She didn’t respond to his greetings.

K: “hello, ragini, so I am the one who has been sending u flowers. So finaaly I blew up my cover. Aren’t u going to say something?”

R: “so u were the stalker? Why did u do so? If u hd to say something, u should hav come upto me and said it. u shouldn’t have scared me.” She was trying to keep out the nervousness out of her tone.

K: “hmmm, sorry my love for scaring u. that’s the reason y, I finally wanted to meet u. I like u so much ragini. wanted to know abt u, that’s y followed u around.”

Ragini was irritated when he called her “my love”.

R: “but am sorry, am not interested. And pls don’t call me love and all. So can I go now?”

She wanted to move from there as soon as possible.


Sanskaar reached the football ground. He had spent most of his col time in that ground. He loved playing football. When he was reminiscing his old memories, something colorful caught his eyes. It was a bright red duppatta. He could see two people standing in the side of the ground. The duppatta belonged to the girl. He was oddly getting attracted to see who it was. As he moved closer, his heart started beating fast. Finally he saw that it was ragini. he couldn’t control his happiness. He inched further to talk to her. he was able to hear karthik talk.

K: “hey, I wasn’t expecting this. So y are u avoiding me? I know that u r single. Since u r not in a relationship, I think I will have a chance. I want u to reconsider your decision again” with a demanding tone. And moved a little towards her.

Ragini was not liking his tone. It was like he was forcing her to say yes. He was not allowing her to go.

K: “u know I always, try to get what I like. And I wish u would say yes.”

Sanskaar could sense that ragini was in a trouble, and this guy was troubling her with his proposal. He wanted to protect her. his instinct made him react before he could conclude whether what he was going to do was correct or not.

Sa: “hi ragini.”

Ragini was surprised to see sanskaar there. Karthik was least interested meet someone else who was interrupting his talk with ragini, and gave him a demanding look.

Sa: “what ragini, I have been searching all around for u. what are doing here in the football ground. Come let’s go.”

K: “who the hell are u? cant u see that we are talking?” in a menacing tone.

Sa: “hmmm am her boyfriend. Do u have any problem with that?”

K: “who are u trying to fool with? She doesn’t have a boyfriend”

Sa: “oho, chill bro. we have been dating for more than a year. I returned to india just a couple of days back from states. And this is our private matter and I don’t want to discuss with u. come ragini” and took hold of her hand and led her. he turned back to karthik who was shocked.

Sa: “it would be nice if u wouldn’t bother my girlfriend anymore. She is mine.” And took out his coolers and wore them and walked from there in a cool manner with ragini.

Everything was happening so fast before she could react. She was dumbfounded at sanskaar’s words. He was telling a big lie to avert this situation. But he managed well and left with her from there.

Bgm: jeene laga hoon…

Sanskaar could hear his heartbeat so fast as soon he held ragini’s hand. He was still walking holding her hand as karthik was looking on. Ragini also didn’t say anything.


Swara was waiting for ragini’s signal before she could react. She wanted to make sure that ragini was not in trouble. At that time, she received a call from an unknown number. She cut the call. She received the call again. She attended it this time.

S: “hello, who is this?”

L: “hi swara, this is lucky”

S: “why are u calling me?”

L: “did u forget ur practice at 3:30, before that I would like to meet u at canteen. I will be waiting for u. I would like to hear ur apology and acceptance of defeat before we could start the practice.”

And cut the call. He wanted to provoke her. swara was getting frustrated and angry beyond limits.  She was determined to give that idiot her piece of mind.

“idiot, stupid, useless, donkey, monkey, buffalo…” she was cursing laksh under her breath. “I am not going to leave him alone today. I will literally rip off his head today. I will show him what kind of sherni I was back in Kolkata.”

Because of the call, she had to leave her sister. She noticed someone walking across the ground. She was hoping that nothing bad would happen to her didi and left the place so that she could return soon. She ran half way across to canteen. She reached there in 3 mins. She saw him sitting amidst his friends. She walked to his table. She folded her hands and stood before him. Laksh had a smirk on his face as he saw her.

L: “so, swara gadodia, u have come to say sorry for ur actions and to accept ur defeat rgt?”

Swara stood firm without saying anything. She was controlling herself from bursting in anger. She looked around and found the water jug in the nearby table. She took it and poured it over his head. The canteen was almost empty when she did this tamasha.

L: “what the..? Hey!”

S: “what do you think of urself? Just because of this, I will dance uh? Are you that dense?? This is not going to make me dance. So stop this entire nonsense okay. And don’t bother me anymore for god’s sake.”

And she turned away to leave.

L: “oye hello swara, u r right this is not going to make u dance. But there is something as well which will make u dance.”

Swara got very much confused with this sentence.

L: “I guess, u r too confused right now, okay let me show u something.” And took out his mob and played her video in a fast forward mode. She was dumb shocked. Now the Bluetooth history made sense.

She was a feeling like a fish out of water. Laksh said in her ear “and I can do anything with this video. U know I have an youtube acct too.” And winked at her. Swara was thinking too hard abt what would she do now.

L: “guys anyone want to learn some moves from me?” and waved his mob in front of his friends.

Swara was speechless by his behavior, but she felt she had to delete that video somehow.

S: “laksh, u dammit, stop it. Just give me ur mob.”

L: “oh, am so sorry. I am not going to do the honor of listening to u” and moved from there. He was now waving his mob at her. He started teasing her by shaking his head.

S: “you,… I am gonna kill u today.” And they were going around like tom and jerry this way and that way between the tables.

S: “wait till I catch u. u are going to be so dead today.” And ran behind him, when he ran out of the canteen.

The song she had requested to the col radio started playing.

Bgm: ishq bulavaa…

Swara was feeling irritated that she was not able to enjoy her fav song one more becoz of that laksh bandhar.

They were running along the corridor. Swara was running behind him like a rabbit. She wanted to delete that video as soon as possible. Laksh was enjoying every part of it. He was also running like crazy. He liked making swara go crazy. He was going round and round in the same building. At one point he stopped near an empty classroom. He couldn’t see swara anywhere near. He was searching for her by just looking around. Swara was hiding behind the next class door so that she could snatch his phone when he wasn’t looking. She made her move and tried to snatch it but he had held it tight, and he just staggered into the room. She also advanced into the room. Again they were running and swara was trying to snatch the phone. He was jumping with the phone in his one hand so that she wouldn’t be able to reach it. This time when swara was jumping, she got hit by the nearby bench, lost her control and fell over laksh. He also lost control as she fell suddenly, resulting in both of them fall down with swara over laksh. They both were surprised for a moment and looked into each other eyes. After a few seconds both tried to get up, but couldn’t as they were trying at the same time and fell down again. This time swara’s chain got stuck with his shirt that it made her fall over him again when she tried to get up. Laksh was keeping his head turned away as they were so close to each other. His heart was beating in an abnormal way. He wanted to get away from her as soon as possible. It was like he was even able to hear his own heartbeat. Swara didn’t know that her chain had got stuck and tried to get up once again with her full force. She fell on him and this time she fell hard that by mistake she kissed him on the cheek, and her chain broke and stuck around his shirt button. They both were shocked with this sudden kiss of the sequences. Finally they both staggered to their feet with both of their hearts beating very fast.

The song stopped playing.

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